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User Info: 69skitzo69

7 years ago#1
Need a new option for go into cover and never peek out while I do all the work because they peek their head out and die.

Oh look the enemy threw a grenade better run towards the 10 or so enemies to avoid the grenade.

Crap I forgot to tell them to get into cover and #2 just ran full speed to the elevated position where eight aliens and a turret are better reload checkpoint.

I picked medic and engineer in the hopes that they suck early and get better late what with a shield that reflects projectiles and a missile turret.

Playing on veteran btw but I am starting to regret that decision. I will beat this game and probably never look back.

Feel free to share your own ai horror stories or tell me that the ai is not a hindrance to the player. (Atleast on veteran because they might be amazing on the easier difficulties)

User Info: Xann0

7 years ago#2
Yeah, you know those escort missions in FPS that we all hate? That is the basic core mechanic in this game. They get a little better way late into the game, but having to babysit them 2/3 of the game really makes the combat drag on.

I will say that once you manage to level them, the combos are pretty nice. The key to this game is constantly moving them every 3-5 seconds. But that is almost as annoying as watching them die.

User Info: kiwisaur

7 years ago#3
I think I beat the game on veteran (idk it's not really conclusive), and overall, aside from the occasional issue where they run into the enemies and die, I haven't had a huge issue. Later on when you get them all to Rank 4 or 5, you typically end up spamming skills so they never move from one spot. Aside from one fight where you have to deal with several Minion Commanders and Elite Mutons. Then you have to make them move all over the place

User Info: Think_Phone

7 years ago#4
I have generally found the ai to be very good and responsive up until this most recent play session where twice I went down and sent someone over to revive me and each time they just stood there watching while I bled out. that really sucks man that's ice cold like what'd I do bang your sister?
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User Info: Mogan

7 years ago#5
Haven't had an issue with the AI yet. I noticed in the 2nd level that you've got a command range, and if they get outside it they'll leave their position and run back to you. It hasn't been a problem yet, but sometimes on larger battlefields I need to move up before I can order a squadmate any farther.
Otherwise the AI has dodged most every grenade and hasn't done anything too stupid while moving where I told them to. I spend as much time in battle focus issuing orders as I do aiming and shooting, and that feels like the way the game was supposed to be played.

Still only a few levels in though, so maybe it'll get worse later.
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User Info: WiseTyefighter

7 years ago#6
Are you trying to keep them way behind you? If you move too far forward they will just run to you no matter what. Once I realized that I haven't had much issues with them, if they're starting to do something stupid I just command them back.

User Info: ryodin

7 years ago#7
The AI hasn't really disappointed me during this game. Granted, not brilliant- but no pathing problems during combat; no rushing into large groups of death. But one big problem that is tied into a real problem of omission. They stay out of cover firing while getting blasted in the face for far too long and burn through their entire health bar in one concerted bad call. Then you heal them up and they do it all over again but now you need another 40 seconds to fix it. Then you play the waiting game. Will your enemies target him again? Will he be stupid again?

All in all, take cover once enemy fire is concentrated on them. And give us a bloody 'take cover' option. Attack-move-take cover. Or just give us the cover command and we'll take care of it.
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