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User Info: andsoitends

11 months ago#1
I rank them as:

2 > 1 > 5 > 4 > 6 > 7 > 3

2). Gen 2 is my absolute favorite for many reasons but HG/SS really seal the deal of what I love about that generation. While I did play RBY first, GSC has so much content by comparison. GSC feels like the perfected formula for a Pokemon game. I love how the world feels lived in with the cell phone and radio mechanics even though it was the same stuff over and over. The Bug contest will always be my favorite weekly event (loved how the days of the week mattered). Your rival actually being a true pain in the a** and the return of Team Rocket feel like a proper take over their respective counterparts in Gen 1. Not to mention that you get two fully realized regions to play in!

1.) The OG, the progenitor, the one that started it all! While there is nothing that RBY does that isn't done much better in later games (exp bar, HM/TMs, legendaries, evolution mechanics, re-battling etc.) RBY's story is timeless! The original Gym Leaders and the classic true Elite Four are just so iconic.

5.) What I love about 5 is what many hate about it. I love it having it's own region exclusive Pokémon and no other Pokémon from previous games stealing the spotlight. This forces you to use only new Pokémon only and in many ways it felt like a reboot of RBY (patrat=rattata, Pidove=Pidgey, etc.). Plus farming Audino allowed you to power train with the absence of re-battling trainers. I actually love the designs of the Vanilluxe line, Braviary , Gothita, Reuniclus, Deino, Axew, etc. Plus reusable TMs is awesome!

4.) What I enjoy about 4 (D/P/P) is that it has my favorite legendaries. Dialga, Giratina, Palkia, Crescelia, Shaymin, Regigigas, Darkrai, Arceus, Manaphy,(I don't care much for Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit) etc. Having trainers that you can temporarily team up with and travel for a bit is one of my favorite features from this gen. My only gripe is the lack of fire-types. I think besides the starter there are no new fire-types introduced in this gen.

6.) It's not necessarily that I didn't enjoy Gen 6 so much as that I enjoyed the gens listed above it far more. Team Flare feels like they ran out of ideas for antagonist teams. Mega Evolution, as cool as it is, is a one-and-done gimmick that was later replaced with Z-moves (another gimmick I don't like). This is one of the easiest games in the series and it feels like the one that holds your hand the most. I don't remember ever losing to a gym leader, in fact I think I only lost once to the Elite Four and that was because I was used to how easy the main game had been up to that point. Pokémon are handed out like candy and the EXP ALL makes the game very easy. Of course you can turn it off but that just makes you spend more time grinding rather than making it hard.

7.) If you have been paying attention so far you will realize I don't like silly changes or gimmicks, in this case I don't like the loss of true Gyms/Gym Leaders in the Alolan region. I also don't like the constant Hawaiian vibe with the Kahunas and the region being divided across 4 islands and just the whole disjointed feeling of the region. Team Skull was just so bad, and not in a cool way. At least they are a step-up from Team Flare *shudders*. The one thing I actually do like is the replacement of HMs, I can't believe it took 7 generations to get rid of HMs, thank Arceus!

3.) So here we are, the bottom of the barrel. While every other game in the series has redeemable qualities, RSE has very few things I enjoy. The region and it's inhabitants feel so plain. There isn't much that is memorable about these games. While I don't necessarily think the region having too much water is necessarily a con (It makes sense for Team Aqua) because I like the diving mechanic and exploring the sunken ship. The introduction of 2-on-2 pokemon battles is neat. There is not much I can remember about Roxanne or Watson that made them feel exciting or cool. I wish it was better.
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User Info: JefferyJoseph

6 months ago#2
I've been having a very hard time ranking the pokemon games lately. Just when I think one is my absolute favorite I pick up and play another again and find myself saying, "Oh yeah, now I remember why I loved this one too!".
If I had to rank 1-7 generations, I think mine would have to go like this:


5.) I've gone back to playing White again and falling in love with it all over again! It's funny how distance from a game makes you forget everything about it. Gen 5 is just SO AMAZING! I love how you described it above, and would have to agree with you on many of those points. And, the story feels more "grown up" and being able to experience the gym leaders outside of the gyms (especially when they all show up at the castle) is pretty darn cool! Add in White2 and Black2 and this generation is king.

4.) I played Platinum and fell immediately in love with Pokémon (like serious player for the first time in my life). Before that I was just a casual player, but everything about Platinum just sucked me in! And, add to that the HG and SS remakes and this generation was so darn good! They took everything from Platinum and fleshed out the gen 2 region and gameplay. Really nice. Platinum is ahead of HG and SS for me, but such a great generation overall!

6.) By gen 6, I mean X and Y. OR/AS didn't grab me the same way that X and Y did. I really had a great time playing Y......the 3D was beautiful, the old school throw-back love for Gen 1 starters was so nice. Customization of character was so fun too! The design of the 'mons was so awesome as well. The story wasn't quiet as good, but I'll admit that I played through the games so many times using so many different teams that it got me really appreciating the 'mons I had overlooked in past. Just loved it so much!

7.) Ok, this is a mixed bag......because I really thought it was refreshing to mix things up a bit with challenges etc, and the graphics were beautiful, and I have genuine love for many of these pokemon in this game, but at the same time, it was a frustrating experience due to such long cut scenes, and how long it took to get into the game. I don't have a desire to pick up and play it again (at least not for a long time...….maybe in a 4-5 years from now when I have forgotten the games and want to relive it again somewhat fresh.) It doesn't have the charm of X and Y to me where the art style and huge variety of pokemon's was so amazing. It is better than OR/AS though.

2.) I wasn't serious about Pokémon during this generation. I feel the remakes advanced the games so much that it is very hard to go back and play the originals. At the time I didn't have Pokémon on my radar as much so Gen 1 and 2 were very limited play for me.

3.) I know people love this generation but it never grabbed me. I got really tired of all the water sections. The hidden bases was nice, but not enough to hook me. When Pokémon jumped to DS system is when I hit the gas with the series. And it is hard to go backwards after that.

1.) I only played this generation on a friend's system. Never owned it. Had I stopped with generation 1 I would have never gotten into pokemon. It didn't capture me like generation 4 did when I really started to get hooked on Pokémon.

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