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User Info: JefferyJoseph

1 year ago#1
Platinum holds a very special place in my heart, but I'll be honest.....White/Black are taking over that #1 spot for me. There are so many great things that GF did with this gen that really has sucked me in. I love how the "camera" sweeps in this game to give a sense of the vast city and surroundings (the first time you cross the big bridge you just want to stop and soak it all in.....the camera just really makes you feel awe at what GF was trying to accomplish with the 2D graphics.)

I also am in the camp of loving the new pokemons for entirety of game. I was a little bummed they were pixelated at first, but I really don't mind it now, especially as they are animated. And the story is so good too. The DS Pokemon games are the absolute BEST run of games of any handheld (in my humble opinion).

Just wanted to gush over White (and I love White 2 as well)!

I'm really struggling with the 3DS ones......they don't capture the magic that the DS grouping does for me.

User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
1 year ago#2
It's nice to see someone else playing this game. I came into it very very late, so I only recently "completed" the game -- in other words, visit every locale on the map, scrounge around for items, you know the drill. I enjoyed my time with this game and am toying with the idea of getting Black 2.
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User Info: PAvlov3

1 year ago#3
Can you somehow turn off the animation of standing pokemons during battle?
They make me nauseaous (sea-sick).
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