Can't Tuck in Pokemon :( (3DS - 13209)

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User Info: Shadow_Prime

4 years ago#1
For some reason, I can connect the internet just fine, but whenever I try to tuck a Pokemon in it sits there for 5 minutes and then I get error code 13209. 13209 just says there's wireless interference, but I have full bars on my 3DS and have never gotten this code before. There are wireless devices in my apartment, I just don't think the solution is asking everyone to turn off their laptops and iPhones so my game will work.

Has anyone else experienced this and figured it out?

User Info: Akira1256

4 years ago#2
Well, the DS version of the error (you're getting the error in-game, as opposed to the 3DS 'stopping' the game and giving you the error, right?) translates to this:

Error Code: 13209

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is currently experiencing problems due to a high amount of players, or is temporarily down. Please try again later.

I'm assuming it's just high traffic on the Dream World servers, which does happen on occasion. Wait a few hours or more, and try again.
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  3. Can't Tuck in Pokemon :( (3DS - 13209)

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