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User Info: Adrien_Light

7 years ago#1
I figured we needed one of these because there isn't really a lot of information about these weapons even though most of us know how to get them, what they do, etc. My first main question revolves around their stat gain. These weapons default with a "0" in a lot of stats, and no matter how many users you slay with them, these "0"'s never raise. Is there any way to boost these stats to, at the very least, a "1", so that upon slaying another user, they raise as well?

Has anyone boosted one of these weapons to lvl 300? If so, does doing this increase the number by which the stats increase per kill?

Any help that can be provided in this thread would be great, and if anyone has a question I can answer with my limited experience with these weapons, I'd be more than happy to assist with an answer
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User Info: captain_kham

7 years ago#2
How do you get them?
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User Info: Adrien_Light

7 years ago#3
User Slayers are gained by capturing and then disciplining specific enemy classes that are over level 5100 until they tell you where a treasure is, and even then, the drop rate seems to be around 5% or less. There is one User Slayer weapon of each category in the game, however outside of using the duping glitch, you cannot have more than one of the same category (i.e. you can have the bow and the gun, but not two of the gun). The enemies you need to discipline to find the User Slayer weapons are as follows:

Fist - Masked Hero/ Bouncer/ Bio-Suit/ Ninja/ Thief
Sword - Lady Samurai/ Magic Knight/ Ninja/ Warrior/ Thief
Spear - Valkyrie/ Heavy knight/ Thief
Bow - Cleric/ Archer/ Valkyrie/ Thief
Gun - Gunner/ Masked hero/ Professor/ Thief
Axe - Warrior/ Heavy Knight/ Bio-Suit/ Beastmaster/ Thief
Staff - Skull/ Magic Knight/ Onmyo Monk/ Witch/ Thief
Monster(Red) - Orc/ Gargoyle/ Dragon/ Death/ Nekomata
Monster(Grey) - Sucumbus/ Ghost

Good locations for these
Fist - x-dimension 10-5 Thief
Sword - x-dimension 3-6 Lady Samurai
Gun - x-dimension 10-1 Professor
Staff - x-dimension 10-1 Magic Knight
Spear - x-dimension 8-2 Valkyrie
Monster(red) x-dimension 1-1 nekomata
Monster(grey) x-dimension 10-2 Ghost

As you can see, all of the human User Slayer weapons can be gained from a Thief, however do remember that X-dimension 10-5 in the LOC with max SEB's only provides one Thief of the appropriate level to get a User Slayer, so it may not be the fastest method of gaining the weapon you are searching for.
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User Info: Newts_Ute

7 years ago#4
Just go to Chara world at level 9999. Thieves are a very common class in there so you should be able to catch between 5 and 10 of them in a single run.

Once you have exhausted the pirate parts from a thief the drop rate for user slayer weps dramatically increases, I was getting probably one Tambourine to each slayer weapon I found, of course with the occasional bonus list item. The staff can't be found from the thief though. I never managed to get it and I've never seen confirmation from anyone else who has managed to do so either.
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User Info: the_blood_wolf

7 years ago#5
Yeah good luck buddy getting answers for these i posted a bunch and never got a reply or at least one that was actually informative or helpful.

I raised the staff weapon up to level 10 to defeat a general because I had all the other innocents on it to boost the 0 stats to a number during the level up process. I defeat a users pirate with it and the stats that were boosted aka through the item world did not increase all the default stats will increase when you defeat a pirate with these weapons.

Also it was going up by 1 stat per defeat but after I defeated the item general it went up by 2 so not sure if defeating the item world bosses will increase the gain or what not but its seems weird since they also may or may not have a cap to their which begs the question of what bills to pass for them

User Info: harrisonmesko

7 years ago#6
IMO it is easier to get the staff from the magic knight in LoC X5-3. The map is MUCH easier to clear than X10-1 and she is lvl9999 in 5-3, but not 10-1.

Also, for what its worth, I think the only reason to use these weapons would be for aesthetic purposes. In which case it would probably be faster to load your character up with serums and not even bother lvling the weapon up, item world or otherwise. I don't plan on using these weapons though, thats just my two cents, however.

User Info: wongEXE

7 years ago#7
IMO, it's easiest to just get thieves for the human weapons. X10-5 is easily the best way to do it (just max SEB and throw one of the thieves into another). Since you can't get multiple of a slayer weapon, the random pool for them thins out and that's how I kept selling/reselling until I got rarity 0 slayers.
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User Info: Adrien_Light

7 years ago#8
For those interested, I did some experiments with my Rhongomiant (User Slayer spear) because I was planning on selling it so I could get a Rank 0 version later. It begins with a "0" in every stat except for ATK and DEF, which it has a 1 in. At level zero, the weapon gains one point per User Pirate killed, and points are only gained in ATK and DEF. Mine began with an unsubdued gladiator of 284. I ran the spear up to level 10 with a coach in the item and double killed the item general. Upon reaching innocent town, I chose to get more RES for my test. After leaving the item and removing the coach, I now had the following stats in my item:

315 atk
21 def
12 res
10 spd

I then entered a random item and killed 4 User Pirates with Rhongomiant. The stats that I now had with the item were:

323 atk
28 def
12 res
10 spd

So, from what I'm seeing, leveling the item to 10 boosted the points I'm gaining through slaying from 1 point per kill to 2 points per kill. The problem however is that this Slayer property only applies to base stats that were on the weapon from the get-go. The extra points I got from having a coach on while leveling, and the points earned from passing the RES bill were not affected by Slaying. For those looking to max these weapons out, or are looking for what innocents/bills to pass, I would say to max the item before you start slaying, to get the maximum Slayer point gain. Also, because these weapons lack any other stats, fill the item with innocents of stats you want boosted other than the weapon's Slaying-effected stats (for the spear, maybe boost SPD or HIT, possibly HP) as the base stats will max on their own given enough fights. You can use the bill passing to either boost the effects of the innocent fill, or you can get other stats you would like using them.

I like the User Slayer weapons, both the idea and aesthetics, so I plan on maxing out a few of them, but I recognize they aren't for everyone. This is why I figured I'd shed as much light on them as I could so that people who don't have the time to invest in them could decide whether they were a boon or waste of time. Hope this helps!
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User Info: harrisonmesko

7 years ago#9
Please keep up the good work. I too am very interested in these things, more interested than my previous post led on. I just think that they are to impractical for raw stats, especially in this game. The implications do pique my interests though. I mean what if you could go past the regular item stat cap after enough battles? Even that though, is limited in its potential now with the new data you presented though since you cannot get stats from slaying pirates in anything but their base stats. I personally think that it wouldn't be able to go beyond the regular stat cap however.... and that could limit their usefulness even after taking the time to get them there, since the sword has only atk naturally. Even ones that have multiple base stats like the staff only have 2 or so... Meaning it wouldn't be possible to get >3M in many stats on these. Compared to r40s that give really good bonuses to many stats if taken to the max lvl, and its much easier to do so with those....

Still making one of these things as strong as it could possibly become would be HARDCORE bragging rights, since I'm practically certain you would be the only one under the sun who could boast that feat. So go for it man, I'm rooting for you all the way. Just be sure to try amping the stats through pirating at lvl0 before you shoot for perfecting one. I have always been curious if having a higher base stat would improve the growth rate through item worlding, since it is augmenting the base. if this is the case it might be best to shoot for around 30K(?) base so that you can get the 3M out of it on lvl300. IDK if it works that way, but I'm figuring it would save you a ton of time if it did. I can't test this right now myself since I'm just going for raw stats atm. Still trying to get Zetta's hp as high as I can...

User Info: Scy046

7 years ago#10
Killing Pirates raises the Base Stat value which is the value the game runs through the formulas; having it leveled doesn't increase the gain per kill but it'll show a higher gain due to it being multiplied through the bonuses. If that makes any sense.

I'll double check that it works this way but I'm fairly certain that's the way it is.
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