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User Info: LLLL

6 years ago#1

So, I downloaded it and installed through steam.

Now, when I try to play it, the name of the companies come up fine (THQ logo followed by the other one), but then I just get a black screen. Like forever.

I went to get a pizza and left it on that blackscreen and still nothing loaded. Anyone wanna give me a tip of how I can actually get this game to run?

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User Info: KOTRsss

6 years ago#2
I also have a problem with the game, but it lets me get to the main menu and select a new game, but after the loading screen the game always shuts itself down.
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User Info: rmcrowley

6 years ago#3
In the [Install directory]\Media\Videos folder, there is a file called "AMD_Logo_Movie". Rename that file and it will load up fine. I had that issue as well.
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