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  3. Love the game, but borrows too much from other games

User Info: bluezero

6 years ago#1
Spoilers follow!

1. Obvious God of War clone. This doesn't hinder it, just saying.
2. Portals from...Portal
3. Time slowing from various games
4. Grappling hook from Zelda and Just Cause
5. Redirecting light to clear a level, again GoW.
6. RTE, but thankfully just 1 button.

The list was bigger in my head, and I know I forgot things. It just felt like they relied on a gimmick for each area. Still love this game, lots of fun!

User Info: LordFarquad1312

6 years ago#2
I kindda agree with you. This game feels like a Zelda and GoW mashup, but it's not nearly as good as either of those games. I still liked it a lot though.
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User Info: Dmor12

6 years ago#3
"Love the game, but borrows too much from other games"

As if borrowing is necessarily a bad thing?

You love the game because the entire project is a love letter to its source materials. Vigil Games doesn't pretend to be original. Developer commentary explicitly states that the entire point was to synthesis the feel from other franchises into one title, and in this objective, they succeeded.

Remember, its only a "rip-off" if it sucks. Its SUPPOSED to be an homage. Its like complaining about the Expendables taking too many tropes from old 80's action films. It's like complaining that Kill Bill borrowed too heavily from classic Kung Fu and Spaghetti Westerns.

Um...that was the point?
As an English teacher once told me, "there's nothing wrong with a cliche so long as its a cliche done right."

Well, did they do right?
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  3. Love the game, but borrows too much from other games
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