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User Info: TeddyRoseKidd

1 year ago#1
The Conduit is one of my favorite online shooters of all time. The wiimotes aiming system along with the great weapons and combat was something new that I still love to this day. Unfortunately, after the wii's online went out, the communities slowly died off. I decided to make a Social Networking website specifically for the Conduit 1 and 2. Kind of like a conduit facebook.

The website currently only allows up to 50 members. If the website gets popular enough and more people join, then I will expand to allow for more users.

When registering, the site will ask you for your Tag and Friend Code for the conduit 1 and the conduit 2. These friend codes will be displayed on your page anytime someone views your profile. That way, if you and someone add each other as friends, you dont have to go through the hassle of exchange friend codes, you just get it right from their page. The website is mobile friendly as well.

There is section to set up matchmakings. One category for the conduit 1 and One category for the conduit 2. If the site gains enough popularity. People can set up times to get games going. Example

Hey anyone want to play online
Ill be on at 4pm - California Time

There is also a groups page that allows people to create their own groups and allows friends to join them. You can set up your own Clans or Crews etc.

Im not sure if this site will be a success or if anyone even cares about these games anymore. But I do and want to see if this community has any life left in it. So please, if you interested, please sign up and also spread the word.

Again the site is

User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

1 year ago#2
I think the game is dying off sadly, mostly because just about everything that is there is do and talk about in Conduit 2 and 1 is done for, the only real way to excite the game once again is by updates, and by updates I mean mods.

If I can either figure it out or hire someone to do this, I bet you Conduit 2 would be way better than before and be much more active, but alas, this is not so.

Still, I loved this game and overall I wish the game was still supported by the devs but it won't be, and I doubt they care that much for a Conduit 3, but who knows, maybe some day they will, we will see.

Overall though, I'm willing to give this a try.

Also btw if you want you can join the discord for Conduit you can do so here:

And also if you know anything about modding games then I'm down for any help or knowledge that you may have. :D
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User Info: Rybuger2

1 year ago#3
It's always good to have another person interested in playing TCon & C2! Have you posted here or on any Conduit sites before?
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