Has anyone played this on PC?

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  3. Has anyone played this on PC?

User Info: Derppopotamus

2 years ago#21
_Signal posted...
Can you share your computer info? Also, are you using mouse and keyboard, or Wiimote?

I got a cronusmax plus about a month ago, but I won't have time to mess with it until the end of the semester.

Yea. Im using an i3 clocked at 3.70GHz. 8GBs of RAM. Graphics card is a Radeon R9 380. I tend to buy pretty cheap parts for my computers, hence the i3.

I was using mouse and keyboard. I've played a few games were the crosshair isn't locked to the middle of the screen, so I was trying to get something similar working.
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User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

2 years ago#22
Mouse and Keyboard eh? Someone should do a 1v1 but have the other person use Wiimote and Nunchuck. lol
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  3. Has anyone played this on PC?

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