For those it may concern

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User Info: ThugKitten

4 years ago#41
LigersRule posted...
Anybody else notice that Nightmare is now suspended?

Aw ;c Poor Nightmare, it wasn't even him, it was his brother and now he's getting punished for it
~(^o^)~ *Wiggle Wiggle* ~(^o^)~ "Don't drop that Durka Durk"
\(._.\) To The Windows (/._.)/ To The Walls

User Info: LigersRule

4 years ago#42
kastastic posted...

^Points out LigersDrule....You sound pleased :/

Believe what you want. That sentence was pretty much void of emotion.
*Insert 25 wit here*

User Info: __CSN

4 years ago#43
__CSN posted...
There was once a time when there were actually good players, clans, and topics on this board. True story.

User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#44
dacheatcode posted...
you guys do have a habit of feeding the trolls a lot

And causing all this controversy.
SOTD: "Kidding...only partially though. I mean loose as in like surfer girls. Hang loose? No? Don't mod me D:" - Rhoads

User Info: NobleZone

4 years ago#45
So how are you guys?
I'm hoping that no one will notice this isn't actually a signature
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