Poor Conduit 2...

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User Info: ThextheDrudge

5 years ago#1
Lag continues to dominate me and my Carbanahizor and the community just isn't the same anymore...
I cram cheeseburgers up my ass and fart out of my mouth.

User Info: IdektheDrudge

5 years ago#2
Join my matches, Thex! We haven't much time until...it...dies!
Thex's Mouth-farting Padawan at your service!

User Info: 1Pefrog

5 years ago#3
Are you guys related? ^^

User Info: Galasky

5 years ago#4
1Pefrog posted...
Are you guys related? ^^

Im guessing so :3
SHADQW - C2 FC: 0862-7209-1729
Got a problem mate?
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