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User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#11
There actually are delayed deaths, Changlini. It happens with all the weapons.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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User Info: DivinityStripes

7 years ago#12
@Baines: Yes, I'm so so glad you understood the situation ^.^. When you are picking up a COPY of the gun that you had, not the exact one that you had died with. Apparently, on my disk, when I pick up a copy of the same gun that I died with, it still has the same ammo. Though SmallerRidley has never experienced this, so maybe it's just my buggy disk? If that's the case... Then many of these "problems" I'm experiencing could just be my version of the Conduit. That...would...SUCK. T.T

Also, sorry. I don't understand your examples :P. The only FPS's I've played are Goldeneye on the N64, Borderlands, and some matches on Halo.
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User Info: Baines

7 years ago#13
My examples?

In Modern Warfare 2, at least the Xbox 360 version, if you are killed while attempting to do a knife strike, there is a chance that upon respawn you will immediately (and without pressing the thumbstick) do a knife strike. This is rare, so I figure it probably only happens when you press the thumbstick at the same time as you are dying. I can see two likely reasons for this to happen. The first likely possibility is that the game registers the thumbstick press to do a knife stab, queues your character's next action as a knife stab, processes your death before the stab officially starts, and fails to clear the action from your queue. You obviously cannot attack while dead, but the moment you respawn, the game sees that you have a knife stab queued and immediately starts it. The second possibility is that the game starts processing your death, clears any actions you are performing or are set to perform, but *then* sees you've pressed the thumbstick and queues a knife stab. Since you are now dead, the attack won't actually happen, but it was queued after the game cleared your action queue, so it is still sitting their queued to happen when you respawn. Basically, the first possibility is that the game misses clearing a special case (an action queued but not yet started), while the second possibility is a timing mistake.

In Perfect Dark on the N64, there was a weapon called the N-Bomb that temporarily blurred your screen, like the melee strike but stronger. However, either intentionally (strange if true) or by mistake (the most likely option), the blur effect isn't removed by death. It is only removed by enough time passing.

Both are examples of a game carrying some state or value across death that it should not carry, which is what you've described The Conduit as doing. There are other games that have had similar bugs.
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User Info: Brownprouder23

7 years ago#14
I don't like bunnyhoppers. So, **** your number 5.

User Info: DivinityStripes

7 years ago#15
@Baines: Thanks for the clear explanations! Your Perfect Dark example leads me to one more "Problem" that I have found. (I still have more though! If anyone still wants to know about them... >.>)

7. Anonymous flash bang. When you are viewing other people's fights when in respawn mode, you can be affected by the flash bang yourself! ?.? Here is an example:
a. You die.
b. You watch someone else fight.
c. They get flash banged.
d. The whole screen is white.
Now here is where two different things can happen.
e. You respawn as if you just barely got flash banged (your own HUD appears and the screen is still completely white). Also, your radar is disabled and fuzzy.
f. You respawn and your screen isn't white, but still have disabled radar for a few seconds.
Now how does this make sense? You watch someone get flash banged and you are affected by it as well? It's like choosing to watch a fight is a gamble, you could get flash banged too! Now, hopefully I am not the only one experiencing this.

@Brownprouder23: I totally agree with you, I believe bunny hopping should get removed from the game. I don't think that it would be a result from fixing problem 5 though... I think bunny hopping from The Conduit is just caused by a broken jump system. My number 5 just wants to help the mechanics of movement in Conduit 2, to get a faster and smoother game! They really need to redo the jump mechanics from the first one.
So, do you understand what my number 5 is for now? It doesn't encourage rapidly hopping up and down, it just helps you get from one place to another.

Also...Does anyone...ANYONE, know if any of these are in Conduit 2? It would be would be wonderful to know. If you have this knowledge, please share!
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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#16
HVS has mentioned that they were looking at youtube videos with the exploits.

Sooo...... If any of these was captured in video, there is a nice chance that it was fixed.

User Info: DivinityStripes

7 years ago#17
I would like to record these in action, but I don't know how... Then I would be able to stop typing situations. >.<
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User Info: DivinityStripes

7 years ago#18
Hm? So no one knows for sure if these problems are fixed in Conduit 2? That's okay, the game will still be fun. ^.^
Thanks for all the replies guys!

P.S.: Do any of you think I should post the rest of the problems I have noticed? (Just in case HVS takes a peek at this topic) I still have a load of them.
Why? Because.
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