yo tone.ee can there be a taco vehicle with sprinkles pls tonee? pls

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  3. yo tone.ee can there be a taco vehicle with sprinkles pls tonee? pls

User Info: dacheatcode

7 years ago#1
ok this is very srious.

id like there to be a taco vehicle a vehicl u can ride aroun in you no? now this taco vehicle will be very special to me and my mom because i luv tacos, and if this appears in The Game then ill be very happy bc i like tacos they make world worth living for, you know. now my idea for this taco vehicle is that it is like a tank with strike rifles on both sides and on one side there is also a taco shotter. now this vehicle will go very fast as long as i dont eat the engine, because that is going to be made of tomales. the fuel for the taco vehicle will be ragu and tobasco sauce. the side will be some horchata. now the vehicle also has a tank which goes pew KABOOM pew KABOOM BABOON all around the place, so it is very tasty and destructive it uses taco SHELLS lol get it?. now the control on this taco will be quite fine except for the fact i might eat the wheels, which are made of extremely hard taco shells not the one in the main tank gun. the taco vehicle will be made of taco, and it will have some lettuce on the dome, with cheese sprinkled on the side. anyway back on the control it controls just like a taco which i have ridden before i think it was at a walmart in disneyland tampa. u got 2 go there. u know, that should be a place in c2, a walmart in disneyland tampa. that would be a very good idea and should get a game mode called disneyland walmart tampa, where you can also purchase tacos i had a taco there and it was shcwheet noone can disagree with that ever. ok so back on control it will turn the best in the game because it is shaped like a taco. the shape of the taco vehicle will be taco. i think it might be mishaped because your partners can habeat it and they will regenerat health but if u eat too much the vehicle will be nomore so that should be taken into consideration on how you control the vehicle. ok back on control it will be very good. ok now guys you see im going to SUDDENLY TYPE IN CAPS ok now im done. now for the side of the vehicle will be some chips, lets have a basket of them. i hope everyone knows where their towel is because this is the best vehicle idea ever. ok Now back on controL no wait i finished that. I just finished another taco because Taco Taco Taco!
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User Info: dacheatcode

7 years ago#2
also tony u said u were looking into taco shotterss are there any new videos of them?

User Info: Fluxy1223

7 years ago#3
He'll look into it
I think too much, and not in a smart way.....
Daos (Doritos and Orange Soda) for Con2 currency name.

User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#4
I once ate a taco from taco bell, and then I threw up in the bathroom....
omg! I have a great idea for a new weapon!
Monster Hunter Tri: Zelgius
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User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#5
Projectile Vomiting!
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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  3. yo tone.ee can there be a taco vehicle with sprinkles pls tonee? pls

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