Freedom in FPS might not be the best idea.

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  3. Freedom in FPS might not be the best idea.

User Info: Sudsy86_

7 years ago#11

CelticLink94 posted...
Yes, stuff like that would be cool if there was more of a purpose. If someone is good at sniping, they have an opportunity to play to their strengths. If someone likes run and gunning, they could take a second path. If someone wants to be stealthy, they have a third route. These could intertwine at points, and each path should be explored to unlock all the secrets. However, one path shouldn't be easier than another, and they should always be open to the player.

Everyone gets a trophy.:) What a nice thought....

But that's just totally false. Until every game of a generation goes run&gun and wears itself out, it's going to be preferable (as long as there is room for skill exploration). The more room for camping, the worse. If someone is good at something, the game should do something to make them work harder. That's always more fun in the end. If the philosophies are balanced, that will really mean sniping and camping will, once again, be the best way to play. "But, gee. I'm having to use tactics to win, though." You do that in every game. Combat tactics never change even a little, unless resources and mechanics change a lot. After a certain point it's really not tactics, but just the complete lack of need for ingenuity--which is what most games are now because of the realism and effectiveness of just being patient.

User Info: Sylus2015

7 years ago#12
Oh Sudsy, I think you're just exaggerating the problems this could bring about.
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  3. Freedom in FPS might not be the best idea.

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