The granade debate. Do you hate bombs?

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User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#1
Now see in TCon 1 granades have been my best friends. I can't seem to run in and out gun most decent players. So I changed my tac tics. I would stick to close to med range. and on team games I would assume a spot and throw granades like mad. Flash bombs worked particularly well in TR in the Streets level.
I would blind 'em from a distance while the trigger happies would race in and commit genicide.

Also Granades have proved very useful teaching glitchers a lesson. When I catch a teamate cheating I just constantly blind him(or her but I doubt it). Folks want to use cheep *** tactics and ruin it for their pleasure? I'll ruin there game.
I can even slay glitchers quite well on opposing teams well with granades. That's why Incogneto hates me. I ruin his fun when I'm on his game.

Anyway, as I find in the Conduit Portal site. I find that 'pro' players consider constant granading a cheap tactic. Well I can live with that, but it's the only way I can kill the blighters.
So when I meet up in their private games. They insist to everyone (not just me) no 'nades'.
Needless to say I'm not so good with out them.

But I say if it works for you and you're not cheating, use it!
Like it or not, it's a chosen tactic an opponant will have to overcome IMO.

So how will TCon 2 be with granades? Will HVS include an option to vote 'turn off nades'?
Will they reduce the use of nades in favour of 'pro' player's demands?
I can't wait to find out.
But rest assured, If nades work for me I'll bomb like mad.

But what do you think about granades in FPS?
Leave luck to Heaven.

User Info: pobegam

7 years ago#2
It'd be nice if you could do votemodes, and get matched with people looking for the same game. If there aren't enough people looking for the same game, the game would prompt you with the most "similar" game currently running and ask "Is this okay?".

Something like that would be really nice, and in a way mimic one of the main advantages of dedicated servers.

User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#3
I suppose. But it would take time if TCon 2 runs like TCon 1.

There's that Medal of Honor game on Wii. It's got up to 32 players online. It did have a unique (for Wii) join in system. Once you're on and looking for a game. You will be faced with on going matches. It will shay what kind of match it is, how many is in, what wepons they're using. So you could find your ideal battle, or even start up your own. I haven't got it any more. I sold it when I got TCon.
Reason being, I found TCon's use for Wii Speak made Wii FPS more advanced.
I don't know how many still play MoH on Wii.

But to anyone that does get it be warned, you'll find when you join a match you will be rejected from it. Most matches will reject you first attempt, not a mojor problem just join in the same match again.

Oh! it also had another brilliant feature. If there's a player in the game everyone hates. You all have the option to vote the player out the game. That could work wonderfully on a TCon game if some git's glitchin'.
If a mojority votes you off the game (in team game only your team can vote you) you're out! But you could try to get in again.
Leave luck to Heaven.

User Info: pobegam

7 years ago#4
Well keep in mind MoH actually had dedicated servers, while most Wii games don't. That would be where the complications come into play; keep the game free and make due with what Nintendo offers for servers, or add in more advanced features but have to run your own servers.

User Info: XinSon

7 years ago#5
I loved using flash bangs. I might not be as skilled as some of the other players on online mode (I got a small condition which causes my hands to constantly shake a small bit, a killer for wii games), but the flash bangs and well grenading in general allowed me to even the ground a bit.

It might be cheap but in love and war, all is fair. Heck I can't wait for people to ban the grenader class (and explosives) if it exists in Con2.

User Info: papercup

7 years ago#6
frags and rads are a-okay. Flashes, not so much.
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User Info: tmnt89

7 years ago#7
I loved them, except for the flash. I always ended up flashing myself >.>

User Info: Hawkeye__4077

7 years ago#8
I think the grenades need to be more realistic and you shouldnt be able to hold so many!
I'm addicted to High Voltage!

User Info: nogaems

7 years ago#9
I wish they would just do away with grenades all together.
Time for male modeling!

User Info: GenericComments

7 years ago#10
Grenades were overpowered because of infinite resupply points and them having a 6 capacity.
They should be kept but Ammo Caches must not be in The Conduit 2.
End of debate.
I would like the ability to kill teammates. :3
I'm not changing this Sig until Resident Feeble...4 gets an update.
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