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User Info: saiwong

2 years ago#1

I've been doing test runs against Evil Face boss to see which items and equipment are best suited.
I expected to be beaten to a pulp but somehow I managed to defeat him !!!

However, looking at the guides for Melvia flag I need to take Ceci out for a 3rd adventure.
I haven't done this yet. Can the Melvia ending (and True ending) still work if I do this task
after defeating Evil Face ?

User Info: Solarys

2 years ago#2
Story bosses in this game are dead easy. The hardest part is actually getting there.

Anyway, with the exception of Mimi, you can do character quests at any time. Just don't leave everything to the final few weeks and you'll be fine.
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User Info: saiwong

2 years ago#3
Well I decided to try out and see if I get the Melvia ending (even after killing Evil Face first).

I immediately took Ceci out for the 3rd time expecting some cut-scenes as before.
however, I was immediately throw into the fight with 3 Scarlets !!! Of course I was beaten to
a pulp (since I had used most of my best items in the Evil Face boss fight).

So I tried again and prepared for the 3 Scarlets and defeated them the second time.

I slept through to the end of the game and waited for the ending.

I got the Melvia ending !!!!

So it seems that you can still trigger the ending, even if you defeat Evil Face before taking Ceci
out for the 3rd time.

On this assumption I will continue the game with this. If I fail to get the True Ending I might try
backtracking to before I killed Evil Face and do things in the original order.

Hope this might help others.

User Info: shinjiro

2 years ago#4
You don't have to do events in sequential order just as long as it's all done by the game's end

Incidentally you don't have to win against the scarlet's either
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