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  3. I gave up on Platinuming with Krystal's Guide

User Info: Joyous_Spring87

3 years ago#1
I followed Krystal's guide but there were a lot of loose ends and I ended up behind any way.
For example, she didn't mention crafting a specific ingredient until months later.... when I already let go of the item for Filly's quest.

How is any one supposed to know to hold on to Item X because you would need it 6 months down the line, even a year later because in that entire time frame you won't ever go back to that location.

Everything was perfect, then I started being 3 weeks behind, then 6 days, and then I caught up, and then I'm 3 months behind and now I'm 8 months behind! The only time Krystal ever mentions to save an item for later (a year or so ahead of time) is when you're gathering Purple Grapes/Blue Fruit at Golden Plains for the first time. She just says to hold on to it for Year 2 for something, never mentioning what that something is!

It's also hard for me to fight monsters. For example, she'd tell you to stay in one spot for 2 days by harvesting and fighting, I do that... but it seems Krystal does a lot of grinding and rarely ever harvests because according to *her* guide, when she's at a particular point, she's 8+ levels ahead of me. I can't save every time I go to a location to harvest, that would mean having 70+ save files.... there were times I harvested a location and only got ONE item and had to re-enter or load from a save file from months ago!

I'm starting to think Krystal did her guide after she played through the main game, giving herself over-powered equips just so she could breeze through New Game+ with zero issues. FFS, I can't tell you how many times I died fighting Jagd Wolf, I couldn't do any grinding because she leaves me no time to grind aka: leave by end of this date. It didn't matter how many healing items I brought, how many times I crafted armor and weapons.

Oh.... and I'm on beginner of year 5 currently and Krystal STILL hasn't mentioned to craft armors/weapons for Marc! Sterk, Rorona, Mimi, and Totori got the attention in terms of crafting, but Melvia and Marc is left to collect dust, never mind the fact that Marc is in the party for quite a while!

So there you have it, I gave up following Krystal's guide. It's so convoluted it's stupid. I don't know why, but Platinuming Rorona Plus with Krystal's regular Rorona guide was 100x easier than trying to follow this monstrosity. And people say that Rorona is the harder of the trilogy *shakes head*

So, any one out there have another Platinum guide other than Krystal's? More in-depth and seamless?
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User Info: Drache_the_Dork

3 years ago#2
Sterk/Mimi/Totori get all the attention for a variety of reasons. Mimi, because of her events. Sterk, because he's strong. I suppose Rorona can be useful, but I never cared to use her. Don't like? Then accept that you'll have to grind Mimi to 50 and kick her out. Or just flat out ignore Sterk/Rorona.

I can't say I know how you're supposed to follow Krystal's guide, but my impression is not as step-by-step as you're following it. She doesn't make much of her own dates, after all.

Now then, on your question. My guide will get you platinum, but the in-between stuff (like ensuring you have enough points to rank up and planning out your tasks) is pretty much your responsibility. Doesn't sound like that's what you're after, but if you dislike Krystal's that much then you don't really have many options. (There's a Japanese wiki or two and a platinum guide on that one trophy site. That's all that I'm aware of.)

User Info: Romangelo

3 years ago#3
you don't really need much money in this game. shouldn't sell anything unless you need to use money at the moment.

one more thing, this game is designed to play more than one playthrough. platinum-ing it in one playthrough is an option but it's like a hard mode.
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