Where tell tale messed up

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User Info: DevilD2005

7 years ago#1

They didnt give us new items after we beat an episode. I know they did it in 1, but to go back and redo everything and give us something that will give us a whole new set of jokes would be really worthwhile imo and add a level of replayibility.

User Info: Gibbeynator

7 years ago#2
If I recall, the NutriSpecs were supposed to be part of the 516Vision ARG that never got off the ground. Also, I believe there were NUCLEAR levels of fan backlash surrounding the NS being a PS3 exclusive, and they just decided not to do anything like that in the future titles.

It's a shame, really, that whenever Telltale tries to get people to buy their games from other avenues of download, it backfires on them horribly.
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