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User Info: bblbig

7 years ago#1
Im typically a NBA fan but with the league oin strike and looking like there wont be a season Im ggoing to try hard to get into the NHL. Havent really played a NHL game, or frankly paid attention to the league since about NHL 2k5 though.

Ive heard tons of great things about EA NHL series, but like I said, I used to play 2k. Im torn on what game top pick up. Rosters arent to big of a deal because Ill just update them via operationsports.

So what NHL game would be best for me? Drop the full $60 for 12? (not likely), about $40 for 11? or just $15 for 10 (kinda my thoughts unless 2k10 or NHL 111 is that much better)

Thanks for your help !
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User Info: El Marsh

El Marsh
7 years ago#2
NHL 10 and NHL 11 are both pretty fun with NHL 11 being the more refined game. Neither game is flawless but if you simply want a hockey game, you'd be alright with just NHL 10.
I'm personally excited for NHL 12 but I'd recommend against purchasing that unless you were a big fan of EA's NHL franchise or hockey in general.
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User Info: SuiCidaL_WorM

7 years ago#3
I've been buying them annually since 2009, and each installment just gets better and better. I've only played casually myself, always only playing games whenever friends are over, and never doing the career modes/be a pro/etc.

With that said, I'd say wait a few days and pick up 12 when it comes out next week. The play improvements will give you a better experience I'm sure, and if you've got the money to spend on a new installment vs. ones that have been out for a few years, then I'd say go for it.


7 years ago#4
The physics in 11 make it a much better game than 10. It's definitely worth it to go for 11, especially if you wait a couple of weeks after 12 comes out, you should be able to get it for $20-30. But if you've got the cash to spare, go for 12.
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User Info: EvilResident

7 years ago#5
I would probably consider myself a 'casual fan' as well but I have played a bunch of games of '11 and played alot of the new demo of '12. From the demo game I can tell it will be better then '11, some improvements they made to the gameplay make me not want to play '11 again, and I would actually consider buying '12 because its quite fun to play. My advice would be to buy '12 as getting anything else would be like going backwards imo. Hope that helped.

User Info: habbox77

7 years ago#6

NHL 10 goes for about $10 or less, but NHL 11 is about $20 now seeing as how NHL 12 just came out but I think its worth the extra $10 to get 11 as for 12, well if you really are just a casual player I doubt shelling out an extra $40 is worth it

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