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User Info: KreamKrizzle

8 years ago#1
So I tried advertising myself on the ea forums and that didn't go over so well.. First off, do people even go to these lengths anymore to get recruited by a club? Either way, here we go..

Defensive Dman looking for a somewhat established club. You don't have to be the best..Just so long as I join a group that knows what their role on the ice is. As it stands, I only have 60+ games under my belt but I know where to be at all times and know what my job is.. Quite simply, to shut down the other teams offense and make the goalies life easier..

I currently have 8 goals and something like 28 assists in over 60 games. My +/-, for what it's worth, is in the low negatives but I'd like to attribute that to only being able to do drop in games thus far and we all know how those go..

Anyway, to sum things up I'm mature, an older guy, looking for a club with similar qualities. Did I mention how much I hate pass call spamming puck hog giveaway machines? Poor humor, I know...anyway ..

PSN - KreamKrizzle

Or just leave a message on here, thanks..

PS - I will be getting NHl12 upon it's release and would like to build chemistry with a club that is moving over to 12.

User Info: KreamKrizzle

8 years ago#2
Bump..still looking for a club to build chemistry with for NHL12. Almost have my Superstar card now.. If anyone is in need of a stay at home defender who knows how to play Hockey correctly, get at me..thanks

User Info: ngchiwo

8 years ago#3

What Time Zone are you in? And about what time do you usually play?

User Info: BrightHand23

8 years ago#4
I have a club, and will be getting NHL12 on release...we play evenings, around 9:30-11pm eastern time. only 3 members so far but everyone plays their position, and we are all veterans of the franchise (I go back to NHL94)
Don't care if you are awesome, just play right. We are all decent players, no one is off the charts good, though.
You are welcome to join, we play about 2-3 times a week, most weeks.
send me a message on PSN my id is :
<><><><><> PSN= Tesuji23 <><><><><>


7 years ago#5

hey my club has been looking for a d man for a long tme. we play everyday usually at night. 8-12. we are getting nhl 12 also. 2 legends and one superstar. i am the goalie. GAA 2.00 Save p is .91. message me BOOKREADER9

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