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User Info: Exp_HP

7 years ago#1
Hey, a dead board like this where GameFAQs keeps closing topics makes for a grrreeaaat makeshift newsgroup.

It's like a BBS where you just see RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE:

Anyways, to the poor fellow who was here 8 months ago and completely ignored (due to lack of... people):

1. Updated Item List (Hooray!)

Global Upgrades
EM-Ball Scanner
EM-Weapon Scanner
EM-Drone Scanner
EM-Missile Launcher Scanner
EM-Composition Scanner
EM-Standard/Advanced/Professional Engine
EM-Driller Card
EM-Mechanic Card
EM-Specialist Card
EM-A/B/C-Zone Access Card (unlisted)
EM-Extra Ship (unlisted)
(One vacant space)

EM-Standard Laser
EM-Dual Laser
EM-Standard Cannon
EM-Rotative Cannon
E_-Spacetime Bender (!!!!!!)
EM-Pulse Cannon
EM-Vulcan Cannon
EM-Plasma Cannon

Missile Launchers:
EM-Standard Missile Launcher
EM-Rafale Missile Launcher
EM-Nuke Missile Launcher
EM-Epsilone-2C Missile Launcher
EM-Epsilone-2CX Missile Launcher
EM-Hammer Missile Launcher
EM-Sonic Missile Launcher
EM-Pluto-Z Missile Launcher
_M-TerraFor-16 Missile Launcher
_M-Udrill Missile Launcher
_M-Fuzz Missile Launcher
_M-Korobo Missile Launcher

EM-Standard Drilling Ball
EM-Advanced Drilling Ball
EM-Professional Drilling Ball
EM-Fire Ball
EM-Volt Ball
EM-Ice Ball
EM-PROTO-654 Ball
EM-Plasma Ball
EM-Chromium Ball
EM-Military Ball
EM-Ball of Slaughter
EM-Photon Ball
EM-Explosive Ball
EM-Whisky Ball
EM-Safe Ball
_M-KOR-654 Ball
EM-Antimatter Ball
EM-Scout Ball
EM-Acid Ball
EM-Medic Ball
EM-Magnet Ball
EM-Supersonic Ball
EM-Stealth Ball

EM-Combat Support Drone
EM-Advanced Combat Support Drone
_M-Professional Combat Support Drone
EM-The Murderer
EM-Hacking Drone
EM-Advanced Hacking Drone
_M-Professional Hacking Drone
EM-Mining Drone
EM-Sabotage Drone
EM-Converting Drone

EM-Standard X-Small Extension
EM-Advanced X-Small Extension
EM-Professional X-Small Extension
EM-Standard Extension
EM-Advanced Extension
EM-Professional Extension
EM-Heavy Extension

EM-Metal Scraps
EM-Steel Plates
EM-Advanced Shield

EM-Drilling Mine x1
EM-Drilling Mine x2
EM-Drilling Mine x3
_M-Mass Cannon
EM-Ammo Supplies
EM-Plasma Bouncer
EM-Advanced Plasma Bouncer
_M-Missile Generator
EM-Wave Generator
_M-Photonic Clone (I don't know where this item is in order)

All known envelopes except the HILAN-DR
(13 vacant spaces)

1. Last I heard we were pretty sure Item locations are not randomized, at least not in the sense that they would be different in each playthrough. (they just depend on difficulty)

My guess is that the Medic Ball was just somehow left out of the list.

I guess the way we can tell is this: In the topic post for http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/991750-alphabounce/55176983 , counting that up, would that leave 76 vacant slots? It has been a while and I don't remember how many slots there are.

If not, the Medic Ball could indeed have simply been overlooked in the initial listing.

[prepares for response in 3 months]

2. I think the squares on top of a planet are shaded blue. Or maybe they're gray. I dunno, it's been a while since I played. But anyways, beat those squares. All of 'em. You can watch the Planet's completion progress in the Equipment screen as you do it!
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User Info: Exp_HP

7 years ago#2
Bah, messed up numbering again.

Just assume that I can in fact count, and that the numbers are 1., 2., and 3., in that order.
This wall of text has been brought to you courtesy of one of the board's resident
spectrum children (and Linux users).

User Info: weregoingunion

7 years ago#3
I think you were talking about me, and thanks for SOMEBODY finally replying ;)

That list is really helpful, although I haven't played the game in ages, and don't have much of a desire to pick it back up.

BTW, I was also just complaining on another gamefaqs board about the archiving of topics. It is NUTS. They are archiving topics that are like 1-2 months old, forcing people to create new threads, further cluttering the board. It seems pointless and counterproductive to having a "clean" board.

Thanks for the reply, Exp_HP
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