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8 years ago#11
I'm glad you all like it.

Personally, I am really proud with it. Although the thing I'm most proud of about it is that I actually finished it. I start a lot things. I don't often finish them. Somehow, over the four (?) months I spent working on this guide, I was able to stay on task and not lose sight of the big picture. Even when I had to put it on hiatus for a while, I was able to get back into the flow and finish it once the last ship was found. That's a milestone for me within itself.

I did enjoy writing the guide, and I'm considering writing more, perhaps for some more obscure games that don't have a lot of guides. But maybe my next guide should just be a strategy walkthrough. That way I wouldn't have to spend days upon days testing things.
I mean, as much as I like to be informative, I don't think I could pull a feat like this off twice in a row.

Oh, and of course it's b0rken.
leetspeak is not for the literate.
This wall of text has been brought to you courtesy of one of the board's resident
spectrum children (and Linux users).
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