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User Info: Exp_HP

8 years ago#1
Let's see if we can't figure this out. Let's try and put the name to the conglomerate type.

Reinforced Conglomerate: Those brown cracked conglomerates that take several hits.
Nitrogen Conglomerate: Those purple conglomerates that reappear after you destroy them.
Scrap Heap: Those annoying brown conglomerates with tan stones. When destroyed, they drop harmful metal pieces.
Block: Large conglomerates spanning multitudes of squares. Most are some shade of red.
Poutractive Vein: A group of conglomerates with some stones in them that all get destroyed at once.

Gargoyles: Guess.
Black Hole: Those purple blocks with a dark center. They take your ball with them when destroyed. I think they're on Dustiny...?
Orbital Nut: They're all over Tartinours.
Eye of the Gorgon: They're on Gorgonat.

Sentries: Those enemy conglomerates that look like fat-winged TIE Fighters that fire when the ball hits them. They have a circular colored gem in the center.
Diminishing Sentry: Blue Sentry. The bullet shrinks you.
Glueak Sentry: Yellow Sentry. The bullet slows you down.

Enzoima: Those pink alien conglomerates you can find on Asmech.
Heart of the Enzoima: You'll never guess.
Eye of the Enzoima: Again, pretty obvious.
Engorger of the Enzoima: This is the mouth.
Vesicle of the Enzoima: By process of elimination, this is the green web that drops an armor piercing green blob.

Nexus: Those circuit aliens. Nexus Generators power turrets that fire when the ball gets close. Confusingly, the descriptions for Stealth Ball and Hacking Drone both refer to them as "Balixtean Sentries," not Nexus. Red turrets are the deadliest known enemies in the game, dealing 20 damage with one bullet!

Warper In and Warper Out: They look like two striped metal bars stacked on one another with a square gem in the middle. If a ball enters one with a green gem, they exit one with a red gem.

Here's some things I'm not entirely sure about:
BUMP Sentry: Red Sentry. Shoots you.
Meshyn Sentry: Orange Sentry. Zaps you.
Wall: Looks like it's made of densely packed purple balls. Weapons (aside from Javelin) do not damage it, so you need to break them with balls. In them may be doors that transport balls, and Grottos that release enemies.
Supply Conglomerates: These have a letter on them and drop a Bonus, but I don't think the Bonus they drop always corresponds to their letter.

Conglomerate types I don't know the proper names of:
-Those things that speed the ball up on contact.
-Nexus turrets.
-Steel conglomerates.
-Doors in walls.
-Those 2-tile tall golden square things that, once activated by having a ball hit it, help you by shooting at conglomerates.
-Those sand conglomerates on that one planet.
-Those ice conglomerates on that one other planet.
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User Info: Gamercube

8 years ago#2
From experience in Alphabounce.com, I can tell you some:

***Kashaut*** Sentry: Red Sentry. Shoots you.
BUMP Sentry: -Those things that speed the ball up on contact.

I've seen some of the others in level-loading texts, but I've since forgotten them... =(

User Info: Kongar1985

8 years ago#3
I believe I've never come across red turrets on the nexus networks, only green and blue, and I cleared every planet on normal apart from earth and did a 140 x 140 sweep and you came across them on easy?
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