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User Info: JON4495

7 years ago#81
CykloneTiger posted...

what the hell are you bumping?

User Info: corps_slayer

7 years ago#82
you should update this for DLC4
lol gamefaqs http://bit.ly/p8T42x

User Info: AlexSobecki

7 years ago#83

From: corps_slayer | #082
you should update this for DLC4

I'm planning on it.
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User Info: roitact

7 years ago#84
i thought that with the horde stuff, barriers,sentries,turrets etc, the amount of points given to the level upgrade was dependant on the difficulty you were playing,
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Because no update has been posted here, so far, for the "Vengeful" medal, here are the figures:

Vengeful - Execute X nemeses.
Bronze - K.C. (10)
Silver - Best Served Cold (20)
Gold - Lambda Lambda Lambda (50)
Onyx - My Name is Ingo Montoya (100)
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User Info: kwarantine

7 years ago#86
Thanks for this. It's really helpful.
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User Info: gillz107

7 years ago#87
^^^ Me too!
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

5 years ago#88
seems the eminem guy was trolling lol.
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