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User Info: vivalatour

6 years ago#1

Hi Guys , I got this because I thought it would be longer for some reason ?

The first time I did it I called the editor and he called the cops and I hid

behind a door in the upstairs bathroom while the slasher came in and started

hacking up some poor dead girl in the tub and then gave up turned around and walked right

by me ? then he went to bed and I just waited till the cops came , and that was it !

Madison got the killer and story , so why bother going any further ? I got to believe

there are other ways , but , I simply don't care ! I went back to HR while waiting for

all the delayed games yet to come out ! HR had it's time and that time is over !

User Info: The_Gaming_Baby

6 years ago#2

For me it when like this...

The killer came home, I hid, he found me, he chased me up and down the house a few times and then he killed me.

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