How do you play the taxidermist?

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User Info: alex33x

8 years ago#1

So I started playing heavy rain I downloded the taxidermist with my pre order code, but it didnt give me any options?I thought this was a prequel chapter so I wanted to play it befor ethe main game.

User Info: alex33x

8 years ago#2


User Info: karat

8 years ago#3
From the Main Menu. Go to Extras. Then Downloadable Content. Then Taxidermist. Then Start a New Game.

It took me a while to figure it out too...

User Info: pennywise666

8 years ago#4
yeah, kind of makes you think it is going to link you to downloading stuff, not to downloaded stuff....
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User Info: devailo

8 years ago#5

hi, somthing stupid is happening but i dont know what. I go to extras , add-ons, taxidermist. and it sends me to the playstation store but there is absolutely nothing on it. so i quit the game and go in to the store again and i search the taxidermist, i find it and download it, install it and i go in the game again. extras, add-ons , taxidermist and woo hoo it sends me to the ps store again and again its completely how do i play the add on ??

User Info: Stuntman5ETH

8 years ago#6
Did you get the update for the game? When I did not update the game it was not there, but after I updated the game it was.

User Info: prodigal21

8 years ago#7

having the same problem as well. keeps going back to the PS store. is it something to do with the distributer of the game or something, like european or asia. mines definitely patched up. can't seem to get it working it's irritating

User Info: nepotu_ro

8 years ago#8
the ch 1 works only with bces 00458 product code. i have 00797 and it dosen't work ... so, maybe if you will check this on your hr game u will see this.

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