why couldn't they get the same actress?

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  3. why couldn't they get the same actress?

User Info: zidane kuja

zidane kuja
8 years ago#1
would it have been that hard?

or why didn't they just record all the dlc voice acting while making the game. they could have still released it all separately but the voice work would have been done, and the same.
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User Info: pennywise666

7 years ago#2
Dunno the answer to the first question, both actress are even credited at the end of the normal game even before I DL the content...
As for the second options, well, cause not all the dlc is made yet I guess?
Plot holes to fills, etc... like, ethan's blackout or whatnot...
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User Info: squiggy9996999

7 years ago#3
the DLC was done before the game as a demo to show it off. the voice acting and tone were not yetset. then when they made the game they needed DLC, and everyone saw the scene at E3 and other shows and wanted to play it when they heard it wasn't in the game. Why make new DLC when you can charge for older unused stuff?

it would have been so much better if they had taken the time to redo the voice work. it's only one chapter.

User Info: zelosphia_8

7 years ago#4

The VA seemed so familiar to me. Wasn't it the same person who voice Carla Valenti (Indigo Prophecy)?

User Info: _Shuyin_

7 years ago#5
^ Yup, same person.
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  3. why couldn't they get the same actress?

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