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User Info: SieKensou

9 years ago#1



Square = Sorceror's Ring
Triangle = Menu
Circle = Confirm/Check/Investigate
X = Cancel

Includes a fair amount of abilities.

Klarth and Rodrinne are available on start.

3 costumes available for dio and mel individually. (You may change the costumes through the status screen as you would with titles, but there is a shirt icon also for costumes from which, the text reads "Dio" then "Mel")

Menu: Artes, Equip, Battle Customization, Items, Costumes, Cooking, Library, System.

There is a consumable item that looks like a mantle/manteau? it's named Fitting Manteau which lets you change costumes within the dungeon.

User Info: SieKensou

9 years ago#2
Analog Stick skips pages for scrolling lists.

User Info: SieKensou

9 years ago#3
In the menu, move to he characters with the d-pad, the following are the buttons:
Circle = Status
Triangle = Move/Switch
Square = Party Top (for the field)

User Info: Sanosuke_Inara

9 years ago#4
Yeah, I got it a few hours before you posted it here in a different topic--completed already, but now I'm just going back and doing random battles. Damn, this game's already got me hooked--can't wait for the real version. :D
"I don't think they will fix and put it back on the market by summer if they decide to released a more bugless version."--Summonearth.

User Info: SieKensou

9 years ago#5
Battle Customization:




anyone figure out hi-ougi yet?...

press [L] to go overbrave

User Info: Genisgenius

9 years ago#6
sweeeeeeeeeeeeet thanks! I cant wait to get this game :D
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User Info: VeghEsther

9 years ago#7
Btw SieKensou would you consider making a faq/walkthrough for the demo (including all the demo skills and spells all party members can use.)

User Info: ZCoolidgeZ

9 years ago#8
I'm loving Londrine so far, can't wait to pick this game up in two weeks.

I also got confused with some of her attacks. Like with ensenga ‰~‘M‰å Yuri's version (circling flash fang) with Londrine's ensenga ‰‘M‰å (swallow flash fang iirc)

She also has tenshouku (which made me keep thinking about Lloyd's hitenshouku).

It just came across my mind.
mala yierba nunca muere.. Como idiotas =D
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User Info: zKanoe

9 years ago#9
anyone figure out hi-ougi yet?...

Not me (probably not usable in the demo), though I'd assume you would use an ougi during the over brave state and hold the attack button, but it everyone only has tokugis, low level magic, and those skills with the red/orange icons (that I can't seem to use with dio, he just does normal attacks with it so maybe it's just some type of attribute added to normals?).

Btw, I can't change costumes. Can anyone tell me how? I go to the costume menu, go to the costume and select it with O bbut that brown thing says I can't...
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User Info: Ardhamon2341

9 years ago#10
You can change them on a save point
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