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  3. List of reagent locations for Green Thumb achievement

User Info: DiamondZ

7 years ago#1
Achievement requires you to pick 10 of each reagent. Reagents are on a 2 day respawn.

Bloodroot - Seawatch, located to the left of Caeled Coast on the map, player house, must rebuild first.
Seaflax - Seawatch.
Scarlet Flowstone - Seawatch by alchemical lab.
Scarwood Bark - Seawatch.
Sky Blossom - Seawatch.
Essence of Fate - Goto Araid Camp and make your way back towards High Fulgen, on the way you will see a small cave on the left, fate is inside.
Tindertwig - Seawatch.
Black Cohosh - Allestar Tower, start of the game, also found basically everywhere.
White Flake - Shardfall, top left of Cradle of Summer, inside cave.
Eel Petal - Allestar Tower, at least 2 on the way to first town in the game.
Scarab Salts - Shardfall.
Star Thistle - Seawatch.
Softscrabble Powder - The Court of Winter, final warp point in the game, just warp and turn around.
Sativa Fibers - Seawatch.
Cripplespore Caps - Stonecandle Mines, first mine at start of game, also found in most caves.
Edelweiss - House of Valor, 2 inside warp point, big white bush, also all over the desert.
Ysa's Breath - Seawatch.
Embereyes - Seawatch.
Leechwood Bark - Seawatch.
Prismere Dust - The Court of Winter.

There is also another Essence of Fate spawn in Ettinmere (section below starting area). Fast travel to Ballads Oratory and look at your local map, you should see a small cave to the left, fate is inside.

Seawatch - http://imageshack.us/f/856/photo1je.jpg/
The Court of Winter - http://imageshack.us/f/442/photo2fw.jpg/
Shardfall - http://imageshack.us/f/534/photo3xgu.jpg/
Allestar Tower - http://imageshack.us/f/23/photo4esq.jpg/
Stonecandle Mines - http://imageshack.us/f/843/photo5ln.jpg/
House of Valor - http://imageshack.us/f/718/photo3gqm.jpg/
Essence of Fate (Ballads Oratory) - http://imageshack.us/f/41/photo1rki.jpg/
Essence of Fate (Ariad Camp) - http://imageshack.us/f/100/photo2lp.jpg/

User Info: redhotpeppers

7 years ago#2
Thank you this is very helpful.

User Info: Sizca

7 years ago#3
do you have to pick them, or just have them in your inventory?
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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

7 years ago#4
Bump. Curious if it's just on-hand also.

User Info: TrueDozenMarks

7 years ago#5
Bump again.

User Info: thebobevil

7 years ago#6
Marked for stickiness ... good job, TC.
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User Info: jsommze

7 years ago#7
gamertag: CorBird
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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

7 years ago#8
I just got Green Thumb. I can confirm two things regarding it.

1) You do have to actually harvest each reagent 10 times. Simply having 10 of each reagent in your inventory won't count, and

2) Essence of Fate does NOT count towards it, unless the number is much smaller. I had it pop from a Prismere Dust harvest at the end of the game, and had only harvested Essence of Fate three times total.

Happy hunting!

User Info: Sinac670

7 years ago#9
There's another Essence of Fate on the Caeled Coast, starting at Damalroc head South, you'll cross a bridge and on the left after the bridge is a cove with an Essence of Fate in it

User Info: Salvidrim

7 years ago#10
Do plants grow back even if you're standing right in front of them, or do they require to reload the area (after the needed 2 days have elapsed)?
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