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User Info: MastaMenace

8 years ago#1
[Here is my final revised, less complicated, less verbose introduction to performing combos in KoA. After reading many critiques from fellow GameFaqs posters, I deleted my old thread and decided I should make a less complicated FAQ that's easier to read! Hopefully I accomplished this.]

1. Teach you to make your own combos
2. To know the mechanics of the combo system
3. To believe that combos are useful and fun
4. Type out simple combo strings so anyone can look at it, visualize it, perform it in-game easily, and help improve them

A flashy, yet SIMPLE input of buttons that creates something SUPER COOL to look at on your screen.

Combos make you look like the coolest kid on the block. Don’t be that kid who button smashes. Realistically, a combo gives you the freedom to quickly take out an enemy in the most optimized fashion. You can maximize damage while receiving little to no damage through a combo. Smashing the attack button is viable of course. But you take damage and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth in what could have amounted to a more cleaner, flashy animation of button inputs that would have wiped out an enemy before anyone could react. Combos in reckoning are fast, yet ruthless. They maximize your damage. They take full advantage of your arsenal at any given moment. Smashing X doesn’t do that, but it can still get you THROUGH the fight. Obviously, this is all common sense. Not so in the eyes of the general player at Reckoning. I hope this FAQ sheds light in your upcoming battles in Reckoning where you will successfully pull off combos like a pro. What YOU make of the game is what you INPUT. So, enough blabber, let’s get to the meat of this dang thread.

Every combo starts with a “basic attack chain” which simply boils down to hitting the attack button (for either equipped weapon) multiple times. Some weapons have shorter basic attack chains while others, like daggers, have longer ones.

Example: Daggers are always a 6-hit chain. The last hit, the 6th, is the “finisher” and deals the most damage in the chain.

Every basic attack during the chain can be canceled before the finisher. Some people may disagree how I define cancel, but to each his own.

You can cancel into many things:
1. Dodge/Blink
2. Block
3. Parry
4. Charge/Hold

What happens when you try to do any of these DURING the animation for the 6th attack? You can’t. You CAN, however, do any of these during the basic attack chain before the designated weapon finisher. You can cancel any of the dagger attacks 1-5, but not the 6th.

Let’s see what we worked out so far into a basic combo string:

1-5 Basic Dagger Attack -> ….
(1-5 here means you can input up to 5 dagger attacks at your own discretion).

Pretty simple. However, we can take it a step forward and cancel into weapon mastery moves and magic abilities! This is where the magic of combo chains comes alive.

First and foremost, the link that I’ll post will contain all the mastery moves for each weapon and each magic ability unlocked through each of the 3 trees. Take a look because I’ll use some of the names for many moves! This link is VERY IMPORTANT (thanks 38watch!)

User Info: MastaMenace

8 years ago#2
T1 (Tier 1) Moves: These are the moves you unlock from the Brutal/Arcane/Precise Weaponry (I-IV) in the ability tree (left-hand side of tree). They basically are “augmented” attacks that immediately follow either a:
1. Pause
2. Dodge/Blink
3. Block
4. Charge/Hold
5. Parry
They are super powerful! Not as powerful as a magic ability, but they CAN APPLY STATUS EFFECTS once you invest the 2nd point (2/3) into the ability. If your weapon has a frost socket into it, it’ll apply freezing to your enemies when you do this move. You can follow up a basic attack chain or a delay of attacks always into a T1 Move. You can sometimes go from a T1 Move into another T1 Move. You can also go up one tier to a T2 Move that I’ll define below.

T2 (Tier 2) Moves:
Quite simply, these are ALL the magic abilities you can put on your 4 hot-key pad (i.e. Wrath, Mark of Flame, Shadow Flare, even toggable abilities like Sphere of Protection, etc). These are the final tier of attacks that usually, but no always, finish a combo. If you’ve been paying attention, T2 Moves actually are the only part of the combo that uses your mana. Therefore, these should do the most damage. Also, they have many functions. Shadow Flare has 2 functions and can be hit twice! Storm Bolt can be held for Tempest. A lot of functionality is present here. If you are hit during your T2 Moves, you will be staggered/stunned. You won’t be able to dodge/blink, parry, or even block for a short while. Basically, you are committed to your combo when you decide to incorporate a T2 Move. T2 Moves can go into a T1 Move sometimes.

Launchers (L):
[Launchers in my combo string will be abbreviated as (L)]. Launchers usually are moves that need a pause between two attacks. However, this is sometimes not the case, and some weapons like the Chakram Orbital Blades move requires you to Dodge+Attack to launch an enemy. Launchers launch or “lift” your enemies into the air allowing you to juggle them with another attack chain, T1 or T2 move. Basically, it RESETS the combo chain.
Example Combo:
Longsword Attack+Pause+Attack -> (L) T1 -> T2.
A longsword move leads into a launcher that leads into a T1 Move that then ends in a T2 Move.

Ok, so far you learned about basic attack chains, launchers, T1, and T2 Moves. Let’s put these together finally to pull off a more complicated combo.
Longsword Upheaval (Attack+Pause+Attack) -> (L) Harpoon -> 1 Basic Chakram Attack -> 1xShadow Flare -> Chakram’s Elemental Escape (Attack+Pause+Attack).

*Key things to note: The Longsword Attack+Pause+Attack requires no points into Brutal Weaponry 1. Every player who equips a longsword can do this move. The move is called “Upheaval”. 1xShadow Flare means I’m only hitting Shadow Flare once. If I said 2xShadow Flare, you need to hit twice for it’s second attack. Elemental Escape is the Chakram move you get for Arcane Weaponry III.

*To see this combo in action, go to 7:02 – 7:09 @ http://youtu.be/nfGjNHruBXw?t=7m2s

User Info: MastaMenace

8 years ago#3
COMBO 2 (probably the most complicated combo, everything after this is literally a cakewalk):

Crushing Blow (Parry+Attack) –> 3 Basic Longsword Attack Chain -> Spine Bender (Block+Attack+Attack) -> Quake

Both Crushing Blow and Spine Bender moves are for the hammer. To fully understand why this combo works, we need to read the move descriptions for each.

Crushing Blow: "After a timed Parry, attack with the Hammer to lift and smash your enemy." (Parry+Attack+Attack <=> Parry+Lift+Smash).

Spine Bender: "Attack with the Hammer while blocking to perform a devastating kick, hook, and smash." (Block+Attack+Attack+Attack <=> Block+Kick+Hook+Smash).

Each button input after either parry or block does something different. The first attack out of parry for Crushing Blow LAUNCHES your enemy, but the second smashes your enemy down into the ground, thus defeating the purpose of the launch. That’s why you only attack once after the parry and twice after the block. If you smashed the enemy down, you can’t juggle him. You got to do something else to continue the juggle. This is why this combo works. Overall, it’s pretty easy!

*To see this combo in action, go to 7:10 – 7:19 @
Dagger Cross Slash (Dodge+Attack) -> (L) 1xShadow Flare -> 1 Basic Dagger Attack -> 1 Bow Attack -> Dagger Crossfire (Attack+Pause+Attack) -> 1xShadowFlare

*To see this combo in action go to 7:20 – 7:25 @
Faeblade Savage Wing (Parry+Attack) -> 1xShadow Flare -> Faeblade Talon Strike (Attack+Pause+Attack) -> (L) 2xShadow Flare

*To see this combo in action go to 7:26 – 7:31 @
Toggle ON Sphere of Protection -> Chakram Orbital Blades (Dodge+Attack+Attack) -> (L) Ice-Blink -> Basic Chakram Attack Chain.

*To see this combo in action go to 7:35 – 7:41 @
Chakram Orbital Blades (Dodge+Attack+Attack) -> (L) Shield Bash -> Harpoon -> 1 Basic Staff Attack -> War Cry.

*To see this combo in action go to 7:41- 7:48 @

That concludes this FAQ. As you can see, we can create a lot of combos with T1 and T2 Moves. Experiment and have fun making your own. Post your combos here. Need help with a combo? Ask away and we will help. You can also mix up two weapons into your combo chain! The possibilities are endless. Thanks.

User Info: shin89510

8 years ago#4

User Info: MastaMenace

8 years ago#5
shin89510 posted...
Thanks man, that would be appreciated

User Info: Arc166

8 years ago#6
Requested here too.

User Info: MastaMenace

8 years ago#7
Arc166 posted...
Requested here too.

Thanks man.

If you guys need more clarification or help, let me know.
Check out my Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning FAQ Combo Thread!

User Info: Rolling_Stoned

8 years ago#8
Requested here as well. Good stuff!

User Info: danieljrod

8 years ago#9
Nice work. *requested sticky*

User Info: MastaMenace

8 years ago#10
danieljrod posted...
Nice work. *requested sticky*

Thanks! Greatly appreciated if this could get a sticky!
Check out my Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning FAQ Combo Thread!
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