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User Info: Malenia

10 years ago#11
He's talking about at the very end of the game, not the pictured one. I noticed it too but couldn't tell what it was.

Ah, gotcha.

User Info: AndrewTBrownie

10 years ago#12

User Info: ZacTB

10 years ago#13
If you haven't finished the game don't read this but what I meant was:

When the turrets are singing to you and you go up the elevator you see flashes of flat turrets, black turrets, etc... and you see a couple normal turrets staring at a brown object, I tried to look in YouTube videos and its not entirely clear but I think it is Chell's potato project, hinting that it definitely was 'our' Chell that made that. Also I think the picture could either be a mod or fake, but would be completely awesome if not.

User Info: mitsukahakumei

10 years ago#14
maybe the potatoe turned into the headcrab and started all this
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