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luigi33_2 10 years ago#1
THIS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE. Its this room: http://i54.tinypic.com/f53t01.png

REALLY VALVE? How the **** am I suppose to reach there? I've been ripping my HAIR out trying to solve this ****ing stupid ass puzzle!
showoffmob2 10 years ago#2
Put the funnel in the middle, so that'll it blow you upwards.

Then, when you reach the ceiling, put your other portal on the slanted piece (where the funnel is in the picture)

Gravity will carry you to the platform.
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Fiel 10 years ago#3
I really wish Portal 2 had an integrated way to start from any mission.

I don't remember exactly how to get there, but I do remember I had to fling myself and I didn't use the blue tubes.
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AlphaWhelp 10 years ago#4
put the blue tube going perfectly vertical on the square piece between the vaulting plate and the slanted panel.... wait until you reach the top of the screen, then aim at the slanted piece, and shoot it with the portal that is not the color of the one on the square piece you are floating above.
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ForcefulBoot 10 years ago#5
I just did that.

1. blue lift in center. Portal on slant, and drop back through portal on ground.

2. (hint) place box in laser.

3. ?

4. Profit
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  3. ABSOLUTELY stuck on Chapter 8 11/19
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