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User Info: soothsayer77

10 years ago#11
Claustrofos the car accident makes a lot of sense. And so does the rest of your explanation, and I like it.

But KIRBYSIM's also makes a lot of sense. So he's either really in Limbo, and is just trying to find his sister, or is having a near death experience before he dies. Either way, his death was probably a car accident.
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User Info: OhYouFool

10 years ago#12
Either way, I still find both explanations useful. It's just a bummer I had to come here to make sense of it all...

But car accident makes even more sense though if you factor in 'one' thing.

Near the end, you're having numerous gravity puzzles, being swung and thrown around... And at the end, you 'shatter' through the wall, I.E. glass.

The car accident almost has to be true because of this, but it also employs the concept of the life flashing before his eyes situation. Finally, upon the conclusion of his life flashing before his eyes, he dies, pointed out by this shattering of what he's been going through and being thrown back to the 'beginning', in a forest where he was with his sister.

It's definitely up in the air exactly what it all means but I REALLY hope the developers don't pull a Jonathan Blow and say 'LOL, UP TO PLAYER INTERPRETATION' bullcrap. While I do think that it's good to have the players wonder what happened, there's clearly a set story here... And for them to confirm some ideas would be good, if only so there's no pointless speculation that will never be answered just because the creator's trying to be 'whimsical' or some crap.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Challenging but rewarding platform puzzle based gameplay with a very good atmosphere and entertaining experience...

I just hope maybe they attempt this again someday and try to create a similar experience with a sequel or spiritual successor.
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User Info: Arcxnus

10 years ago#13
That car accident theory makes a lot of sense.

I like it.

User Info: Cantido

10 years ago#14
I think the difference between Jonathan Blow's "Open to interpretation" and this game being "Open to interpretation," is that for Limbo, it's not bull**** because the game has no text of any kind. Braid's story was pretentious.
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User Info: ExplodingRat

10 years ago#15
As terrible as it sounds, my girlfriend feels that with the scene with the first girl, having the worm in your head controlling you, she feels there's some sort of rape-esque story being thrown in as well.

Otherwise I love the interpretations so far. :)

User Info: OhYouFool

10 years ago#16
There's clearly a lot within it that has the potential for being interpreted... Most significant is that point you make and one other thing no one has commented on was the HOTEL thing.

I'd also like to suggest that it's possible that there's an extra 'life flash' near the end in case no one noticed, as you go from being in a forest-y area, back to a warehouse area, back to the hotel sign but BIGGER this time around before you finally end up in the factory and get thrown through the glass at the end.
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User Info: MstrStylPA

10 years ago#17
^ I'm glad someone else mentioned going through the HOTEL area twice. The first time everything is normal, the second time everything is messed up

User Info: Claustrofos

10 years ago#18
And then there are the butterflies. They could mean nothing at all, but I'm gonna keep an eye on them on my next playthrough.

But it's true that the end of the game really confused me since the places started to be more erratic. Maybe the guy just wasn't very happy with his life. Changing towns, work, living in hotels and such. Running from his past(maybe it had something to do with the girl).
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User Info: joey652

10 years ago#19

I just finished it and I think it was brilliant.

I think that the sister was lost in the woods and died. The boy went after her and found her. he too found that he was lost but didnt want to leave his sisters side. he starved to death and went through limbo hoping to find his sister so they could go to heaven together as brother and sister. hence the later with light atthe top.

The story said so little but meant so much. I loved it

User Info: joey652

10 years ago#20

a herp derp. I meant ladder with the light at the top

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