much can you customize the cars?

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User Info: pixelkilla

6 years ago#1
Is there a vinyl editor ala MCLA, or just colors? Figure alot of mechanicals, but can you add stripes, vinyl tops, etc to cars? Looking at this as a cruise and explore type game, as that is my fun style. Just wondering, thanks.


6 years ago#2
If you have the time, you can create some interesting designs.. I have not done any kind of vehicle customizing in TDU2, so I cannot comment.. But here are a few videos showing what others have done (some of which are really good):

User Info: ajbrand

6 years ago#3
Hey P,

The customization is similar to MCLA, unlimited layers, you would have some fun with it.
Only about 3 rim types per car though.

here are some of mine, I haven't played in a while though but would cruise with you if you play...
PSN: ARC_Rounder
PSN: tonyb803
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  3. much can you customize the cars?

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