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User Info: OshareKeiji

9 years ago#1
This is mainly a mini-FAQ for getting to know the Shinki and playing the game in general. If you want to know about weapons, Avatier has a handy-dandy weapons guide around.


Shinki are programmable MMS (multi-moveable system) robot dolls in the tradition of CLAMP's Angelic Layer, but unlike the latter, they have their own personalities thanks to the Love System interface. How they develop depends on their master. back in 2037, Shinki abilities are dependent on their gear and the master can only assist in real time with off-hand coaching. In 2040, advances in technology allowed masters full control over their Shinki in battle using a VR console called "Shinki Ride System".

~THE SHINKI~ (As mentioned earlier, Shinki are influenced by their masters, so the descriptions are based on the Love Events the player undergoes, not the Shinki of rival characters)

*Front Line MMS Angel Type: Arnval Mk2 (Seiyuu: Kana Asumi)

General Personality: Kind, loyal and determined, as expected of an angel. However, several Arnval Mk2 models are plagued with a programming bug that momentarily turns them into violent and possessive berserkers when they feel jealous.

*Front Line MMS Devil Type: Strarf Mk2 (Seiyuu: Minori Chihara)

General Personality: A serious loner type. Overthinks a lot of things and has a hard time accepting praise. Fighting is when she feels complete, and shows her opponents no mercy.

*Group K2 MMS Ninja Type: Fubuki (Seiyuu: Yukari Fukui)

General Personality: As serious as her real-life counterparts, she is fiercely loyal to her master. Though unclear if done for purposes of efficiency or economy, she undergoes Power Save mode when not in battle.

*Arms In Pocket MMS Firearms Type: Zelnogrard (Seiyuu: Ryoko Shiraishi)

General Personality: Built for military enthusiasts, Zelnogrards are totally enamored with high-powered weapons. While this Shinki enjoys maintenance work and diving into battle with guns blazing, she secretly wants her master to recognize her femininity.

*Kemotech MMS Dog Type: Howling (Seiyuu: Eri Kitamura)

General Personality: An active, rough-and-tumble Shinki who's always aching for a good fight. Loves to be patted on the head from time to time.

*Kemotech MMS Cat Type: Maochao (Seiyuu: Mai Hashimoto)

General Personality: An easygoing Shinki who loves to play tricks and considers Shinki battles as games. Stroking her head, chin and ears causes her to fall asleep.

*Ohmestrada MMS High Speed Type: Ach (Seiyuu: Yui Horie)

General Personality: As a high speed type, Ach is here one second, and there the next. Very impatient, and also a stickler for speed and combat efficiency to the point of obsession. However, this Shinki often gets flustered when her master asks her to take a chill pill and slow down.

*Ohmestrada MMS High Mobility Type: Yda (Seiyuu: Yukari Tamura)

General Personality: Yda models are obsessed with affluence and class, to the extent where she even influences how her own master should act and dress. Often long-winded when complaining about her master's shortcomings.

*Diorne Corporation MMS Battle Maiden Type A: Altlenne (Seiyuu: Megumi Nakajima)

General Personality: A new model Shinki. Acts like a kind lady and is very efficient in combat, but can be a total klutz. She can also be a bit secretive at times, going on solo walks without telling her master where she's been.

*Diorne Corporation Battle Maiden Type B: Alteines (Kaori Mizuhashi)

General Personality: Also a new model, Altlenne's sister unit. Is a bit of a tomboy and runs on the preconceived notion that her master uses her sheer power for the mere sake of winning and would be useless without her.

User Info: OshareKeiji

9 years ago#2

There are three types of battles: Single, Tag and 2/3-on-1.

*Single: 1-on-1 battle. Last Shinki standing wins.
*Tag: 2-on-2 battle. The team with at least one member still standing wins.
*2/3-on-1: Self-explanatory, One Shinki battles against 2 or 3 opponents. These are only done in the Game Center, as it is illegal in Official Tournaments.


Basic Moves:

*Directional keys: Walking. (can be changed to analog pad in your house)
*X: Jump. (Hold to glide in mid-air)
*Circle: Weapon 1.
*Triangle: Weapon 2.
*Square: Weapon 3.
*L: Lock On. (also used to toggle between targets in a multi-Shinki match)
*R: Guard. Guarding at the exact second that an attack hits is a Just Guard, which negates damage.
*Select: View programmed Rail Actions.
*Start: Pause.

Advanced Moves:

*Quickstep: Tap directional key twice in any direction
*Dash: Same as Quickstep, but hold the directional key on the second press. Some rear parts allow air dash.
*Double Jump: X to jump, then press X again in mid-air. Rear Part dependent
*Emergency Ascent/Descent: Press Up + R + X to ascend, and Down + R + X to descend. Uses BST, Rear Part dependent.
*Turning/Evasion: Press Square + X. Adding a directional key to the mix allows your Shinki to do some acrobatics. Uses BST.
*Rail Action: Press Triangle + Circle, plus one of the 4 directions. Cannot be performed if nothing is programmed, or in the case of Attack Rails, you don't have the specific weapon equipped. Uses SP.
*Attack Chain: Press R in the middle of using a weapon and press another weapon button for a quick switch. Uses SP, so you cannot chain indefinitely.
*Quick Knockdown Recovery: Press Square, Circle or Triangle for an offensive recovery (deals light damage to nearby enemies) and X + Directional Key for an evasion-based one.
*Taunting: R + Triangle. Taunting adds a small amount to your Ride Ratio.


Even if you already have the bigger and stronger stuff, a recently-purchased Shinki cannot use them yet because of Cost Limit and Rank limitations. The only way to raise these parameters is to level up your Shinki's Love Level (Maxes out at 20). Cost increases in specific increments with every Love Level gained, while rank increases at certain levels.


The Ride Ratio gauges your sychronicity with your Shinki. It increases when your attacks connect (direct hit or blocked), perform advanced maneuvers, or taunt the opponent. It can also decrease if you take hits from the opponent. When your Ride Ratio hits 100%, certain stats of your Shinki increase twofold. Moreover, if you finish the fight with Max Ratio, you get a slight increase in Love points.


Rail Action is a programmable Evasion/Attack pattern for your Shinki. These actions use SP and up to four can be equipped (second option in the main equip menu) Evasive actions are known as Routes, which makes the Shinki move out of your opponent's aim and perform directional maneuvers at twice it's normal specs. Attack actions are weapon specific, also messes with lock-on, and gun-based ones do not use up ammo. they cannot be performed if you do not have the correct weapon type. (the game warns you about this if you try to put it on or if you're leaving the equip screen)

Clearing a Shinki's final Love Event unlocks special Rail Actions. These actions require a specific
group of equipment on to properly use.

User Info: OshareKeiji

9 years ago#3

*Free Battle: Done at the Game Center. You battle against rivals of increasing difficulty (and numbers) with no equipment restrictions. Challengers may contact you via email and will meet you here. SPT earned is proportionate to the difficulty of the opponent.

*Bet Battle: Upon unlocking Club Valhalla by defeating Mishima, you can enter an underground Shinki fight club where the stakes are higher: Aside from spt, you can also win equipment from rivals. You can also fight with the people you met in Shinki Love Events here. Beware, the arena is rigged with environmental handicaps.

*Official Tournament: Shinki battling meets sponsored by the companies involved in the Busou Shinki world. Tournaments can be free battle ones (single or tag) or bound to restrictions as specified below:

~Shinki Model Type (ex. Strarf Queen = Strarf Typr Shinki only)
~Company Models (i.e. Ohmestrada Tourney for Ach and Yda models only)
~Weapon Types (Heavy/Light Guns, Swords, Spears only, etc.)
~Weapon Properties (Minimum of 3% Firearm or Laser property)
~Armor (Full Cosplay Set required for Gothic Lolita, Magician and Kimono)

Winning grants lots of SPT and equipment prizes.
I only review the games I like... and none of them are in eenglish.

User Info: xervah

9 years ago#4
oh hoo~ hoo~
were'd you get this info?

User Info: grangia

9 years ago#5
I'm guessing translating everything.
But thanks so much! Can you also do the Menu translations?

User Info: URT86

9 years ago#6
Nice Info,

Anything we can get from doing the " Konami Code"?
*I'm lazy/busy to try that*

User Info: OshareKeiji

9 years ago#7
oh hoo~ hoo~
were'd you get this info?

Part translation, part research. Working on the menus right now. Maybe I'll put it in a real FAQ file later.

This little number just covers the basics of the game.

Anything we can get from doing the " Konami Code"?
*I'm lazy/busy to try that*

Dunno, haven't tried yet. Too busy grinding.
I only review the games I like... and none of them are in eenglish.

User Info: GM_Rusaku

9 years ago#8
Nice work there, now I totally wish that some translation team will translate this game and release a patch...
Download at "http://gmrusaku.blogs.linkbucks.com/"

User Info: Avatier

9 years ago#9
Well the best we could possibly do is make an Guide which is just all the possible scripts translated. That would be a pain of it's own due to the need to go through the game several times to be able to view the text depending on the chosen option, and the need to level up all the Shinkis to 20 to translate their love events. The other half of the pain would be doing the items, the descriptions, and all the rest of the fluff text.

Of course a translation is not possible without someone who is decent in Japanese. My ability to interpret moonrunes is real bad despite getting a decent mark on my Japanese final exam back in highschool but I can get by most games that are not heavily story/choice driven.

User Info: OshareKeiji

9 years ago#10
I can start doing that part when I'm finished with all the Shinki levels.

Going through Strarf's events at the moment, and let me just say that you can expect to register 2 losses when fighting the special rival in her scenario, no thanks to said person cheating and putting an invincibility applet in his Shinki.
I only review the games I like... and none of them are in eenglish.
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