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  3. This game isn't fun, it's torture

User Info: DrMatta

9 years ago#11

Get better at platform games i guess?

User Info: RecklessnessFTW

9 years ago#12
This game is awesome
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User Info: Darkcloud20

9 years ago#13
This game is pretty easy until around dark mode world 3. I really don't see the torture.

User Info: kawalimus

9 years ago#14
The best part about the game is how you go into a level and it seems impossible and torturous but you get it bit by bit and eventually you pass it and get an A+. It's trial and error gaming done right, imo.

User Info: Darkcloud20

9 years ago#15
Yeah but the step from passing a level to getting A+ is not much. The trick is to do the levels fast. They are set up in a way that allows you to pass them quite good when you rush. In many cases better than when you act careful.

User Info: Nafzger

9 years ago#16
I just reached a point where I no longer give a ****. It's too hard for me to enjoy it at all now. The main problem I've always had with games like this is that once I get a section down, I'm sick of doing it. But I'll die on the part I need to figure out, and I'll have to keep doing the first section so much that I try to rush through to get back to the part I need to work on and keep making mistakes because I'm rushing. I want save states damn it.
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User Info: PurestProdigy

9 years ago#17
Game is a cakewalk until I got to the end boss. Then on a scale of 1/10 I'd give that a 7 in terms of difficulty. Then Cotton Alley which I'd give a 7/10 to except the last level which is 8/10

Then it's easy again until DW 4 which I'd give a 6/10 as I would to DW 5. Getting the band-aids in world 5 was mildly difficult too. Then the Kid Warp Zone is 10/10 in terms of difficulty, the Dark version of the end boss is a 9/10 and Cotton Alley DW is a ****ing pain in my ass.

Cotton Alley DW marks the first time I've ever gone on the internet to get help in a freaking platformer.

User Info: PurestProdigy

9 years ago#18
Oh and if you guys all like this game get Trials HD. It's not your typical racing game (try the demo) and getting platinum medals ****s all over this game in terms of difficulty.


9 years ago#19
Some people like games that don't spoon feed you the entire way, believe it or not. Plus, this game is difficult, but not in a frustrating way. The length of the levels makes it so that you can die and immediately be right back to where you were and try again no problem, as opposed to a game that's hard as hell and you need to watch a 10 minute unskippable cutscene and fight three bosses over again before you get back to where you died.
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  3. This game isn't fun, it's torture
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