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User Info: S_e_p_h_i_r_oth

10 years ago#1
have played a little and I say I liked it! Unlike previous FMA on PSP this is a tactical RPG which resembles Arc the lad or similar game. You move your character across the chessboard-like field with the d-pad, move the camera with the analog and i say that's convenient!

User Info: quanticdream

10 years ago#2
yeah... it's nice...
the only stupid thing is that you can't lose even one single character during battle >_<

User Info: tincan31

10 years ago#3
That's true for MOST battles but not all battles. For some battles I have had Ed killed and still won with Al beating everyone else up. XD; The pre-game criteria tells you whether or not losing a partner would make you lose the battle.
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