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User Info: Aaron_Feuer

6 years ago#1
And now I'm curious about what happens next but I'm kinda hesitating since so far it's grim beyond all belief. I stopped at chapter 3 and deleted my save file. Should I re-consider playing it again?
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User Info: yami_riku

6 years ago#2
It continues getting deeper and deeper.... I *just* beat this game and oh man... the feelingsssss Lol

Really, it's up to you but I thought it was completely worth it to beat it.

User Info: The Chow

The Chow
6 years ago#3
I think you should at least play to the end of Chapter 4 and see if you can't not experience the rest of the story.
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User Info: Ralizah

6 years ago#4
It's a terrific game with a very compelling story that I think is worth experiencing. If you thought the first three chapters were rough, though...

I'll be honest: it gets worse. A LOT worse. I've been a horror fanatic since I was little, and my family loves gore films, so nothing in the first three chapters really bothered me much. The last two chapters are incredibly dark, though. Chapter 4 in particular ends on a scene that makes you feel hopeless and is astonishingly cruel. The excellent sound design sells it all, of course.


6 years ago#5
you should finish the game. the story is amazing.
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