Best new (non-legendary) pokemon for each element ?

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User Info: Nitharad

7 years ago#1
I used the search function and haven't really come up with anything like this before.

So ... in your opinion what's the best new pokemon for each element ?
You can use dual-type pokemon for both elements of course.

Please give reasons too.

User Info: xfyrenx

7 years ago#2
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User Info: Nitharad

7 years ago#3
I already know that topic and it doesn't answer my question at all.

User Info: FullMetalMania

7 years ago#4
As I'm obsessed with Volcarona, I posit that he is the best for Fire/Bug. Either or. Or both.
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User Info: A006

7 years ago#5
It depends how you train them, what movesets you give them and to which stat you pour your EV in.

Even a Rattata can pawn a Slaking if done right.
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User Info: How2BCool101

7 years ago#6
Dark- Zoroark
Ice- Probably Beartic
Fire- Emboar movepool wise
Water- Samurott or Carracosta(awesome stats)
Grass- Lilligant
Steel- Ferrothorn maybe? Or Bisharp maybe Gear line.
Rock- lol Gigilith i guess.
Ground- Krookodile
Flying- Archeops or Braviary
Fighting- gurrdurr
Electric- Blitzle has more moves but OVERALL galvantula is probably better
Normal- bouffalant maybe? Idk. Poison- Amoongus
Dragon- Hydreigon has better OVERALL stats but Haxorus has better Attack stat
Ghost- The mummy or Chandelure
Psychic- Beheeyem

User Info: Gallic420

7 years ago#7
I like the Dark/Fighting pokemon the best so far. (forgot his english name) Good attack/def/sp. def stats and only weak against two things. Also immune to psychic.
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User Info: natanlopan

7 years ago#8
You can arrange the dex on the merriland site
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User Info: Crimson_Spider

7 years ago#9
Bug: Volcarona
Dark: Hydreigon/Zoroark. Stiff competition
Dragon: Haxorus
Electric: Eelektross
Fighting: Hard to call (Sawk)
Fire: Chandelure. Stiff competition
Flying: Unfezant. Stiff competition
Ghost: Chandelure
Grass: Ferrothorn. Serperior once Contrary is released.
Water: Samurott
Steel: Excadrill.
Rock: Gigalith
Psychic: Reuniclus
Poison: Scolipede
Normal: Bouffalant
Ice: Cryogonal
Ground: Excadrill

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User Info: DragonNinja1337

7 years ago#10
Bug: Volcarona
Dark: Hydreigon
Dragon: Hydreigon
Electric: Eelektross
Fighting: Conkeldurr
Fire: Chandelure
Flying: Sigilyph
Ghost: Chandelure
Grass: Ferrothorn
Water: Jellicent
Steel: Ferrothorn
Rock: Gigalith
Psychic: Reuniclus
Poison: Scolipede
Normal: Cinccino
Ice: Cryogonal
Ground: Excadrill
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