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  3. Why does every female zombie....

User Info: EVE6_FAN

8 years ago#1
drop straight to their knees and attack chucks balls? Maybe not EVERY female zombie, but i havent seen a guy zombie attack the nuts.
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User Info: Malnourished

8 years ago#2
Because Chuck's a famous motocross star. Chances are the remaining bit of brain left in the girl recognizes him and does what comes naturally. Same deal with Franks world-famous photojournalism skills that made the female zombies in the first Dead Rising do the same thing.
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User Info: Kinkajou

8 years ago#3
I had a dude zombie do it to me in Case Zero. If it wasn't a dude zombie, man that was some ugly chick.
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User Info: jsquad4136

8 years ago#4
Well in many zombie films they depict zombies as sometimes acting off a faint memory.Yeeeeah maybe all those zombie women were mimicking what they did in the past? Of course I swear I had a male zombie do that to me once. >.<

User Info: PVTGREY

8 years ago#5
You're thinking too much into this. It's supposed to be for the LULZ. Just like all the Survivor to Zombie Cutscenes. I love the dogpile one.
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User Info: someone

8 years ago#6
Last poster had it right. The animations for zombie bites from female zombies are supposed to be sexually suggestive.
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User Info: SoulreaperX112

8 years ago#7
In this movie i saw about these dead nazi zombies(foreign movie...), a male zombie pops out of the snow for a little manwich(if you know what i mean). I think it was called Dead Snow... reminded me about DR2 coming out :P
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User Info: Emptysoul

8 years ago#8
Many men think with that part of their body more so than their actual brain, which leads females zombies to believe that this is the true location of the coveted BRAINS that they all seek.
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User Info: HDCase

8 years ago#9
I still remember the zombie '69' style death sequences from DR1... Man that game was kind of risque

User Info: blessedgoddess

8 years ago#10
It's only skinny female zombies BTW this was the same in DR1. Fat chicks don't do that and guys don't only the skinny girls. And it's exactly what it looks like.
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  3. Why does every female zombie....
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