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User Info: SLay

8 years ago#1

Totally blown away by the graphical difference but god do i hope they have worked on animations. It's long overdo. Watching them in motion and especially in replays is just embarrassing.
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User Info: CODY_CULP

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: SLay

8 years ago#3
Ya, no ****! We don't have game play info yet so take what you can get.

They said ina few weeks we'll get game play and Dynasty reports.

Miami Hurricanes.

User Info: bama12

8 years ago#4
The graphics are excellent!
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User Info: spoofrice11

8 years ago#5

The graphics look nice and that is a positive, but like mentioned gameplay is what makes the game!

User Info: Slacking

8 years ago#6
...that's actually sorta impressive.
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User Info: UofODucks8

8 years ago#7

Yes, graphics looks nice....BUT from the screen shots, it STILL looks like the players are running like a damn robot with a stick in its ass. Hopefully some actual gameplay will prove me wrong but im not holding my breath. Going to be beyond pathetic if they still cannot get animations done somewhat properly.

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