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User Info: Death_By_Smiley

8 years ago#1
These are the rules I have used in my dynasty in the past with the changes over time. It's long, but feel free to use it, just make sure to change the part about the Google Groups page (Though I highly recommend using Google Groups with your dynasty). These are not completed yet, and I'll post the last couple sections when I'm done.

Death By Smiley Online Dynasty Rules

Note: If you use these rules for your dynasty, there is only one thing you must do. Remove or alter the section about the Google Groups so that it does not reference the same website as my Online Dynasty. If you don't do this, I'm going to get a ton of extra work that I don't want.

You don't need to give me credit. I'm really not that vain. Just please change the website stuff. (Basically, delete section 2)

2.Google Groups Page
4.Black and White Rules
5.Judgement Calls (Things like Cheesing and Sportsmanship)

1. Introduction

The DBS Online Dynasty Rules are designed to encourage realistic play, consistent but not rushed play, and all around fun.

You will like these rules (and my dynasty) if you:
-Prefer realistic style gameplay
-Want Consistent but not rushed gameplay (3 advances a week)
-Are willing to communicate outside the dynasty on a web page

You will not like these rules (or my dynasty) if you:
-Enjoy playing arcade style football
-Want to advance daily or less often than 3 times a week.
-Want a casual dynasty experience (you're expected to participate in the online forums)
-Aren't willing to play by the rules.

Basics: (Currently based on NCAA Football 10 Settings--may change for NCAA Football 11)
Quarter Length - 6 minutes
Dynasty Accelerators (read as "Cheats") - disallowed
Quiz the QB - Off
Ice the Kicker - On
Season 1 Schedule : true to real life (for instance in NCAA Football 11, the 2010 schedule will be the real life schedule)
Schedule Requirements post-season 1: Must play at least 5 road games. Must play at least 3 User vs. User games and one Out of Conference User vs. User game.
Start Date: One week after release of NCAA Football 11, to allow time for named rosters and slider sets to develop.
HOW TO SIGN UP: Read Section 2

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

8 years ago#2
2. Google Groups Page

This is the biggest difference between DBS Dynasties and non-DBS Dynasties. For each season, a website for group communication will be created. For those not familiar with Google Groups, you can treat it like a small message board and information center, which is what I do. The following things will be on the website.
-Advancement Schedule
-Member Information
-Message Boards (The favorite is a board where you can write news stories for your team. This has been very fun.)
-The Rules
-Most Dynasty Communications (Including votes)

The Google Groups Page (Note: this only applies if this dynasty is run by Death by Smiley. Otherwise, the owner of this dynasty forgot to remove this line)
Website: [Will be posted as the game release date approaches]

In a DBS Dynasty, using the Web site is required, not optional. Keep this in mind if you want to be in the dynasty.

TO JOIN THE DYNASTY: Go the the website listed above. Do not post on this Gamefaqs page, since I need to know you actually read the rules. You will be asked for your Gamertag and your top 3 teams you want. Post them like this.
GT: Death by Smiley
1. West Virginia
2. Florida Atlantic
3. Connecticut

Bookmark the page! You'll need to visit it at least once a week, and you'll likely be posting for often than that if you let yourself have fun!

3. Advancement
This dynasty advances ideally three times a week during the regular season (faster if everyone gets done).
Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 12:01 a.m. EASTERN TIME (or, if my schedule doesn't allow it, the next morning when I wake up).
The Offseason advances much faster. We advance twice daily, at 8 p.m. EST, and 12:01 a.m. EST
Rarely will exceptions be made for this, and communication with the Commisioner BEFORE THE ADVANCEMENT TIME is required to make special arrangements. All changes are subjects to the Commmisioners discretion.

When advancing, the Commisioner will send an X-Box Live message to everyone. The Commisioner will try his best to keep people informed of approaching advances, but ultimately the responsibility to complete games and recruiting rests with the player. The Commisioner is not required to make arrangements for other people.

NOTE: Under rare circumstances where the Commisioner cannot advance due to being out of town, the Commisioner must make every effort to inform people through the website of the stall.

If a player is going to be away, it is asked that the player let the Commisioner know, and allow themselves to be put on auto-pilot.

Note: If recruiting is partially done, it is assumed the player has completed their recruiting and wishes the remaining recruiting to be simmed.

For Rules on participation, see Section 4

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

8 years ago#3
4. Black and White Rules

4.1 Restarting (CPU games only) - When playing the computer, restarting is banned. If a disconnection occurs, or some other reason forces a restart, the player MUST message the Commisioner BEFORE restarting. The Commisioner has the right to judge whether the reason is adequate or valid (if the Commisioner believes it's a lie, they have the right to penalize as per the methods below).

1st Offense- Game results thrown out and simmed. Private Warning.
2nd Offense- Game results thrown out and simmed. Public Warning posted to Online forum.
3rd Offense- Game results thrown out and simmed. User put on auto-pilot for next three games. Public Notification.
4th Offense- Removal from Online Dynasty

4.2 Recruiting Limits - A player may only sign a certain number of players. This number shall not excede the number of (Seniors Leaving + 4 -- i.e., if you have 11 seniors leaving, you only have 15 scholarships) during the regular season. In the offseason, for every play that leaves early (transfer and graduation), the player may add one scholarship. The penalties for going over are as follows.

If the user goes over by 3 or less (generally considered accidental):
1st Offense - Cut the number of players you go over this limit. Private Warning. (Accidents happen).
2nd Offense - Cut the number of players you go over this limit times two. For example, if you go 3 scholarships over, you must cut six players.
3rd Offense - Repeat Offense 2, also limited to (Seniors Leaving) scholarships next season (without +4)
4th Offense - Repeat Offense 2, scholarships limited to (Seniors Leaving - 4) next season.
5th Offense - Removal from Dynasty

If user goes over by 4 or more:
1st Offense - Cut (number of players you go over + 2). Limited to (Seniors Leaving) scholarships next season (without +4).
2nd Offense - Cut (number of players you go over + 4). Limited to (Seniors Leaving - 4) scholarships following season.
3rd Offense - Removal from dynasty.

Note, if you violate the rule by going over by 4 or more, and the next season you violate by going over 3 or less, you jump to the third offense of the 3 or less chain.

4.3 Missing Advancements - it is expected you will keep up with the dynasty. If you have to go out of town, send the Commisioner a message in advance, and none of these penalties apply (though you will be put on auto-pilot).

If you miss 3 straight weeks:
-Put on auto-pilot until you message commisioner to turn it off.

If you miss 5 straight weeks:
-Removal from Dynasty.

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

8 years ago#4
4.5 Onsides Kicks
-If you are leading or tied, you may under no circumstances line up in an onside kick formation. You are allowed to attempt to recover the ball from a normal kickoff formation, but onside kick is banned.
-Onside Kicks are banned in the 1st Half under all circumstances.

4.6 Player Positions: In order to be fair, players need to be listed at their position (or at a related position). Below is a list of players who can play a position. If you want to move a player from, say, WR to QB, you have to change their listed position in the offseason to QB. Until then, that WR CANNOT play QB. Here are the positions as well as who can play them (without a position change).
QB-QB (only listed QBs can play QB. If all listed QBs are injured, message the Commisioner)
OL-OL, TE (all online are interchangable, TEs can only play tackle)


Violations: If you play a game, and a player is found to be in an illegal position, that game is thrown out (this counts CPU games). If it continues, you will be removed from the dynasty.

4.7 Hacking/Glitching - Use of a hack or glitch, on of off the field, (such as the QB Walk from 09, as an example) results in immediate removal from the dynasty. No exceptions. No warnings.

4.8 Changing Schools (changed from my NCAA Football 10 Dynasty) - If you join the dynasty, you must spend at least two seasons at one school. After two seasons, you may request to leave for a different school. In order to do this, you must, a)Have your current team's prestige level equal to or greater than the school you're going to, and b) You must sit out the bowl games (though you get to do the offseason).

4.9 Joining Dynasty after Season 1: Players can join during the offseason. If you request to join during the season, you will be delayed until the offseason. We have a Max of 12 teams (limited by the game).

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

8 years ago#5
4.10 Quarters Defense(Part 1): Run commits using a Quarters defense is banned. If you want to stop the run, use a different formation. (There are more Quarters Defense rules in 5.4.1)

5. Judgement Calls
-Penalties: All of these rules are penalized at the discretion of the Commisioner and can be penalized at any level from warnings to removal from dynasty. All decisions by the Commisioner are final.

5.1 Fourth Downs
Use a reasonable judgement when to go for fourth down and when not to. If you are going for it everytime, you will be penalized. I cannot put Black and White rules on when you can and cannot go for fourth down, as that would stifle coaching freedom. But I can say that if you're going for it 8 or more times a game, you will be removed. Use common sense, and a play realistically.

5.2 2-Point Conversions
Similar to fourth down, use reasonable judgement. Note: I have applied this one black and white rule to going for 2.
1) If you are leading by 17 or more (which is three scores), going for 2 in the second half is banned (with the ONE exception of having a 19 point lead, in which going for 2 puts you up by an even 3TDs.

5.3 Sportsmanship
Do not insult people you are playing, whether winning or losing. Treat each other with respect. Some good examples of sportsmanship
-If someone gets disconnected or has to leave, when you start the game over, match the score differential from the get go (say Team A was leading Team B by 14, Team B should then give Team A 14 points on the game's restart).
-Use Chew clock when you are leading by a lot (use your discretion)
-Don't run up the score or stats.

5.4 Cheesing
The infamous cheesing. I'm going to break this down into several sub-categories. Basically, these apply to playing the game in such a way that is unrealistic due to exploiting flaws in defensive or offensive AI controls.

5.4.1 Quarters Defense (Part 2): Quarters Defense is designed for late half or game passing scenarios. Use it for that. Feel free to use it if a team is doing nothing but passing, but run commits are banned out of the Quarters D. Ideally, it should only be used within the last few minutes of a half or game in obvious passing situations. Otherwise use Dimes or Nickels. If people exploit this, it will be made a Black and White rule with Hard penalties.

5.4.2 QB Scrambling/Running: You have every right to run with the QB, even on a passing play. However, if you are rolling back 15 yards and running around in circles, that's not realistic. Don't do it. If I receive multiple complaints from different people, you will be removed from the dynasty, as we don't want people who do this.

5.4.3 DE Play: If you are controlling the Defensive End, you may not line up more than 2 body widths outside of the Offensive Tackle. If you line up farther outside repeatedly, you are in violation.

This document can be amended at anytime. Notification of the Changes will be posted to the website.

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

8 years ago#6
That's it. It's a lot of text, but most of it is common sense stuff.

Let me know what you think!


8 years ago#7
BIG TIME OVER KILL....Although I agree and play by 90% of the rules you have here on a normal basis this is TOO much....Good luck with it though!
Miami Hurricanes1 8 years ago#8
Of course its too much for you, you can't your run commit quarters defense
Xbox Live GT - Green Hurricane

User Info: joshua1207

8 years ago#9

lol @ recruiting rules

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

8 years ago#10
This is actually a rule I didn't want to have, but everyone in my dynasty wanted.

I can see the method to it.
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