ESPN article on some improvements in NCAA Football 11

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User Info: WVchessNerd

8 years ago#1

Ones I'm most excited about:

On Field Refs
Single Week Bowl Games (For online dynasty)
Gang Tackles (Actually getting scored for partial tackles)
Formation Subs (FUR REALZ!!!!!!11!!!!!1one!)

Things I hope to see:

Medical Redshirts
Improved Injuries
Dynamic Conferences in Online Dynasty (which can be turned on or off by the Commish)
Mass Subs/Coach's Challenge/etc. in User vs. User game (especially in Online Dynasty).
Getting rid of the nets at Mountaineer Field (WVU doesn't have them).
Pre-game intros
College Gameday
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User Info: spoofrice11

8 years ago#2

Glad to Finally get some Info. Here's the link:

1. The men in stripes - (Nice to have)
2. Gang tackles - (Glad to hear it is added and improved)
3. Auto save - (They talk about saving being important, but don't mention In-Game Saves...)
4. Auto load rosters - (Small thing)
5. Formation subs - (Yay!)
6. New equipment - (Needed for realism)
7. Single bowl season - (Don't play online, but sonds useful)
8. Dynamic conference logos - (Another little thing fixed)
9. Numbers on helmets - (Umm, ok)

User Info: TFHDeathUA709

8 years ago#3
9. Numbers on helmets - (Umm, ok)

That's the most important thing in the whole list.
From: HipsterDuck
seriously...the colts are going to win by 2 scores or more.

User Info: melvinthemage

8 years ago#4
I think it would be cool to be able to watch others in your online dynasty play each other. You could kind of scout the other players, find out their tendecies.

User Info: acmXII

8 years ago#5
Yes, I would kill for a spectator mode for online dynasty. That would be amazing.

User Info: oldschoolgMN

8 years ago#6
I want multiplayer games like NBA live, NBA 2k10, NHL, and FIFA. At least let me and my friend take on two other people online. Football is a team sport, I think 6 on 6 could even work if they tried.

User Info: bama12

8 years ago#7
So far I'm happy with what there planning to do. If there REAL and absolute goal is to do what the fans want, then this should be an excellent game this year.
Due to the total dominance by the Crimson Tide on January 6, the "12" in my name now has to refer to the number in which great Alabama QBs wore.

User Info: Locklan

8 years ago#8
For some reason I find it more than a little annoying that there's players with long hair in Madden and not in NCAA...especially when a member of my team has it and I'm used to seeing it on Saturday. He doesn't look right.
"None are so fallible as those who are sure they're right"
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