Screenshot and nine new features

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User Info: herbiehusker

8 years ago#1
Ndamukong Suh is GAWD

User Info: superbob221

8 years ago#2
None of those seem important at all but it's a start i guess
College-It's all about the U

User Info: SmokinFruity33

8 years ago#3
You can tell they added a lot of new equipment just from the 1 screenshot alone:

1) Finally put the Revo-Speed helmet in
2) More realistic/team oriented cleats
3) Thin wrist band on the forearm
4) Thin bands on the knees
5) Injury equipment (elbow guard on South Carolina player)
6) Refs on the field

I think the lighting looks better in general, makes the players look sharper. Now if EA will put their efforts into presentation and gameplay we should have a great NCAA this year.
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User Info: back2backRTR

8 years ago#4

It does look better. I like the elbow brace and legbands. I agree though, up the presentation. I want ESPN/ABC style presentations. Throw in ESPN2 and ESPN U for the non national broadcast games. I mean March Madness even has CBS stylebroadcasts. You could still use Corso, Herby, and Nessler still for the play byplay, a change of pace in the presentation wouldn't hurt.Also, I haven't seen a collegegame that has gotten recruiting right yet. I can talk to a kid for 2-3 hours over the phone for a week and that's it? Pick three things the kid can do on campus in one visit and that's it? And there's no real signing day atmosphere we as fans take off work for in the game. How about a more intense signing day moment where kids wait until signing day to announce with an ESPN U type recap. You never see Texas signing 15 guys out of state, or Alabama racking up on guys from the Pacific northwest.These little things are nice, but the big things are what I as a fan want. I don't know what fans these EA guys are listening to, but obviously the creative idea e-mails aren't making it through.

Having said that I will probably pick the game up at midnight, haha. Roll Tide.

User Info: Yo_Shanksta

8 years ago#5
get rid of Corso and Nessler and put in Musburger
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User Info: SmokinFruity33

8 years ago#6
If NCAA Football is to ever move forward as a franchise, then dropping Corso is an absolute must. Herbstreit does a good job in real life, so he can stay. But Corso has been killing the game since '02.
"Marijuana illegal, but cigarettes cool."
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