Pass Rush in NCAA 11!

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User Info: SmokinFruity33

8 years ago#1
The pass rush in 08 and 09 was a joke and EA claimed that they had fixed the issue, but 10 was the same. You would watch a play on replay and the QB would just chill in the pocket for a ridiculous amount of time then hit an obviously-open receiver.

EA needs to give more respect to SEC defensive lineman, who wreak havoc on QBs. Make the D-line a pass rush threat in NCAA 11!
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User Info: BigE363

8 years ago#2
like the sig, and yeah they definetly need to fix pass rushing, they need to make it like the pass rushing on the older games on the ps2
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User Info: SmokinFruity33

8 years ago#3
Exactly! I remember if you had a bad ass LB on PS2 you could get 2-3 sacks a game. Now a bad ass LB is rendered useless on 360 because they put up no effort to get off blocks!
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User Info: herbiehusker

8 years ago#4
i rarely have trouble getting my interior linemen to pressure the qb
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User Info: WVchessNerd

8 years ago#5
I would argue that the biggest problem EA has had with the pass rush in NCAA is that it boils down to two situations.

1) A D-Line breaks off the line and runs right past an O-lineman that doesn't step in front of him, causing a sack.

2) Magnetic blocking locks up all rushing players and the QB gets all day.

In 09, Option 2 was the only thing that happened. In 10, the balance of the options is fine, but the options themselves are flawed. Magnetic blocking needs to be replaced with something better.

User Info: SmokinFruity33

8 years ago#6
This guy is correct. Even if you did get a sack it wasn't because your d-lineman made a good move, it was simply because he was untouched. Even in this years' Madden you could get off blocks with the right stick, but as soon as you did there would be another o-lineman waiting to engage you.
"Marijuana illegal, but cigarettes cool."

User Info: back2backRTR

8 years ago#7

Yeah, EA has gotten VERY bad about claiming this or that and not coming through with the goods. Last year wasn't it a big deal about moreopen running lanes? Yeah, I couldn't tell a difference. Look at NHL 2010, you may not be a hockey fan, but that game has a great presentation and fpr the most part improves upon itself yearly.

I wonder why a sport that doesn't have nearly the American following that Collegiate football has can yearly come out with high reviews... competition. NHL 2010 vs NHL 2K10/ NBA Live vs. NBA 2K10/ UFC 2009 vs. Fight Night Round 4/ College Hoops 2K vs.March Madness... The best years of the NCAA EA franchise were back when NCAA 2K-whatever was floating around on the PS2 and Xbox. EA took the easy way out and claimed the license on the sport of football and they are just sitting on the cash. Don't get me wrong I feed the moster too, I mean there's no real choice if you're a football fan.

If they want to cough up a half hearted effort though that's fine, but don't insult us as fans by saying things like, "We're listening to the critics and we are going to answer by putting knee braces and numbers on helmets that should already be there!" It's time for a little more than that type of addition, how about an athletic director mode? Hire/fire coaches, sign contracts with nike or under armour, push for your school to enter into a bigger confrence, make additions to your stadium or build a new one. It's stuff like this you should be sending out into a press release, not "In this years game it will be so realistic you can see the sweat run down the Left Guards ass crack."

The team builder ideas was GOOD, for a first year addition it was as good as they come. I would have loved some more slots for logos seeing as I liked to add a nike or under armour logo to use for putting on my jersey, or at least give methe option to edit what type of jersey(nike, under armour, reebok,addidas, etc.)I was using. The ability to put the name on the front of the jersey or move logos around on the helmet would've been nice too, BUT see these are things EA could improve on this year... we will see if they do.

Sorry, I had to harp on these things seeing as I buy this game year in and year out and listen to these silly promises they give us. They will get it right eventually!

User Info: meowmix777

8 years ago#8
In this years game it will be so realistic you can see the sweat run down the Left Guards ass crack

Omg made me laugh so hard.

User Info: melvinthemage

8 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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