What should be fixed or what should be added?

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User Info: Carolina-killa

8 years ago#21

i know u guys have said most the gameplay issues, so i'll just add a few superficial things i'd like and that would add realism. First is dreads. i know they're not important but teams like florida have a lot of players with dreads and it just doesn't seem as authentic. Similar to that is tattoos. they're just another nice thing to make players seem more unique. I remember when madden had both tats and dreads so it's not that hard to put them in here.

As others said a season wrap of that weeks games would be nice. i also used to enjoy when teams had ratings on discipline and could get suspended, seems like a good year to add that back. 1 last simple thing that annoyed the heck out of me, if i'm up by 35 with 1 minute to go and the other team scores, i'm pretty sure that they won't kick an onside.

User Info: rockdr3144

8 years ago#22
I've played a ton in an online dynasty and my biggest gripe is that defender size/strength doesn't matter.

For example, every guy in my league figured out to use their fastest guys as d-ends.

All linebackers are converted from the fastest d-backs and you still can’t run on them. In fact, we don’t even recruit linebackers anymore. We just convert safeties/corners to linebacker because the linebackers are never fast enough to cover the flats.

They need to make the offensive line kill 200 pound d-ends on a running play. Instead, you can just put your 11 fastest guys out there and stop the run no matter how small they are.

Another thing is the d-end rush. Every guy in my league is in the backfield immediately with their d-ends. Sure you can call bunch formations to stop it but how can they beat the tackle every single play? They really need to fix this.

User Info: casevaharn

8 years ago#23
Creating a team is cool but when it comes down to small things they need to be fixed

I am pretty sure most of main concerns have been posted already but a small thing they need to add is being able to put stickers on the helmets.

In my opinion the best ncca football was back in 2004 for ps2, they need to look at what they had in that....I still remember how the crowd reacted to a big play....you could tell every fan was sitting down and when the running back broke the corner the whole crowd stood up and started cheering.

User Info: mduple81

8 years ago#24
1. PRESENTATION. before anything else focus on this and give this game some friggin life. the "beef its whats for dinner" music in the pre and post game. its just akward. there is no real college atmosphere like you see on tv or actually going to a game. it feels more like a scrimmage or a spring game going on.

2. o-line/ d-line interaction. this is also of high importance. there needs to be individual battles going on in the trenches. not just a shuffling of one unit against another. its like sliding walls. no real holes open up for running lanes and the pass rush just isnt realistic at all.

3. hair/equipment. the game needs dreads. the kind that hang out the back of the helmet. so many players have this now and when you see one of your favorite players that does have dreads not have it in the game it just looks lifeless. i like my players to look and be equipped the way they do in real life.

4. animations. up until this point the animations have been a little wonky. the jukes and spins are a little too quick and jerky and not realistic. they need to incorporate momentum into these moves and have an animation that flows more naturally. also, when someone jukes or spins, the location of the ball and the contact also needs to come into play. if a ball carrier is toting in the right hand and jukes left, the right arm naturally comes out winglike with the ball. if he is hit in a juking motion he should be more suspect to coughing it up.

5. playbooks. these are another biggie. most of them are generic by formation and the only difference is packaged formations that all carry the same plays within one bigger playbook. you never really see the suttle nuances that certain teams run. its not so much the plays but the varations in these plays that arent showing up in the games.

6. blocking in the open field. its just non existent. if a cpu controlled reciever actually manages to lock on to someone in the secondary, they cant hold a block longer than half a second. this really makes toss plays and screens just not work at all.

7. graphics. equivalent to madden 09 and ill be fine. get some more realistic looking grass in there while your at it.

User Info: lalallaalal

8 years ago#25
A minor feature that I would really enjoy is a way to sort through all the players by class. For example, a few years into a dynasty I like to see who the fastest freshman are. With the current sort feature I can look at the players by speed, but I have to manually search out the freshman.

User Info: DKHardee

8 years ago#26

Well, after seeing the new graphics, new equipment, formation subs, dynamic logos, refs, and such... what could be bigger? They said there is BIGGER things yet to be released.

Anybody have any Ideas what they could be?

My guess would be something to do with online dynasty or ESPN/CBS style presentation.

User Info: bama12

8 years ago#27
Based on what EA has announced to us, there should be a lot this fixed this year.
Due to the total dominance by the Crimson Tide on January 6, the "12" in my name now has to refer to the number in which great Alabama QBs wore.
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