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User Info: Darkchaoslll

7 years ago#1
After beating manager mode once, going through the 2nd time for all unlocks, I encountered AC Horse. in the ECC, and whenever I try to start the match, simulate the match, go to manager mode options, team management options or game settings, the game will lock up and the music will loop whenever I started. If it matters I'm play as Man Utd... does anybody know how I can get around this without having to delete my data and starting a new career?

User Info: mrwatkins83

7 years ago#2
I have the exact same issue. I was playing through as a team, I thought about completely restarting and playing as another to see if that would help. I've noticed that people have had this issue with the x-box, as well. There has to be some kind of glitch in manager mode.

Also, my wifi speed is insanely laggy. But I'd rather have full game mode than online play, anyway.
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