Training too tough

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User Info: Fatfishblu

7 years ago#1
Picked up this game this past weekend and play 1-2 matches a night. I'm playing with Columbus Crew, my favourite American team, and came to the point where I can train my players. I found the dribbling and corner kick training programs easy enough, but the shot accuracy is TOUGH! After losing 10 points, I'm lucky to get 1-2 balls in the net! Does anyone have any tips or tricks?

User Info: Daefectus

7 years ago#2
I'm finding this also, especially with the shooting minigame. For low skill its not so bad just strike the ball as hard as you can in the correct direction... but as soon as you have to lift the ball over players there seems to be a tiny amount between sending it to the sky and so slow that the keeper can wander over and grab it handily.

Dribbling one was doable, although I also struggled with set pieces, getting more than 2 is a serious achievement, all too easy to just lose points on your players. I hope I'm missing a trick with this, as training seems a bit broken at the moment.
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