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User Info: xavierov

9 years ago#1
What's the trick? I've tried using rapid-fire fighters, but the space beasts swarm so much it's impossible to keep your fire centered on just one.

User Info: xavierov

9 years ago#2

User Info: Lightbringer6

9 years ago#3
is that the gold flying dragon things? That one was a pain, I had to go to the far bottom (almost out of range), face a group, and fire away (I ended up using the Soulless One fighter with rapid fire). And yes, it's difficult because they tend to be ADHD on which targets to pick.


9 years ago#4
i just tryed this "mission" it took 2 try's to get it done.i used the Soulless one as the other ship i used didnt seam as good

User Info: EvanVanVan

9 years ago#5
well this threads not that old and if anyone searches like I did maybe it will keep them from starting a new thread...

I was having alot of problems with this one but the "trick" I used to FINALLY get it, was not to fly side to side only fly fowards and backwards from the perspective of the camera..you end up wasting too much time flying to side to side missing the golden creatures and not getting any studs...instead fly towards the camera, then turn away from it and slowly fly straight ahead trying to hit each creature enough to get some studs, repeat this a couple times and I beat it with over a minute to spare

User Info: zzboba

9 years ago#6
Another member posted a great way to succeed here: just connect a second controller, enter the game with a second character and go to the laser turrets (on Invisible Hand the turret control room is on the left even beyond the bounty hunter room IIRC). Then switch to character 1, enter a ship and trigger thespace mission with shooting the gold brick...
...then switch back to character 2 and shoot down the gold birds with the Inivisible Hand's laser turret. Will probably work with Republic Ship's laser as well, but haven't tried it out.

User Info: LennyBias

9 years ago#7
Following the 'back and forth' method finally worked for me. Pretty not fun if you ask me, thanks for the tip.
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User Info: owensb01

9 years ago#8
I did the 2nd controller method with a twist. In space I had the ship far away from the "starting brick", but close enough to still hit it. I set the other controller aiming dead center. When the mission started, I just hit X on both controllers. There was a lot of crossfire and the birds went down relatively fast. Finished the mission with about 1:15 to spare.

User Info: ixnay

9 years ago#9
I enjoyed trying to find the right method on this. Start closer to the planet. When they finish their first swarm backflip and head towards the camera 50 m or so. Then backflip again and unleash. Do this each time the swarm ends and you end up getting the gold brick quite easily.
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