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  3. I really wanted to like this game. (Possible spoilers)

User Info: jburn123

3 years ago#1
I loved the original Darksiders, played through it many times and I really wanted to like this one too. The art style and music were pretty good, for the most part.

Here are some thoughts:

1. The story was really bad. We already knew that War was innocent at the end of DS1. Instead of going in a fresh direction, the developers just rehashed a plot device that had already been resolved in the first game. What happened to the epic scene of the four horsemen falling out of the sky at the end of the last game? This game should have started off with the four horseman crashing into the earth like meteors, ready to annihilate everything, then just wrecking the Charred Council into oblivion, and everything in between. Instead we get Death running around on his horse in the snow, going to see some random wizard guy called the Crowfather? What?? Just shaking my head at the thought of it. The developers really just killed any epic feelings and momentum that the first game built up so well. Bad, bad, bad.

2. This game is tedious. The fetch-type quests of go here, then go there reminded me of World of Warcraft. That has to be the most boring and uninspired way to unpack game content, period. I just found myself not caring. Why would I care about a bunch of unimportant side quests given to me by a tribe of giant Irish dwarves sitting around a copy of Ironforge? What did any of this really have to do with the story? Why does Death automatically think that resurrecting humanity is the thing to do? That part didn't make any sense at all. Even if it made sense, we are never told exactly how the Tree of Life is going to accomplish that goal. This is one of the reasons I couldn't get invested into the story. It all just made absolutely no sense.

3. The loot system was bad because stats are never explained. What do any of these stats actually do, how do they stack? Just terrible man. There was no explanation given in this area of the game. I guess strength is for Harbinger builds and arcane is for Necromancer builds.. no one told me that, I'm only guessing here. Just awful. Also equally awful is the amount of crap items that drop. Chests dropping plain grey boots and a small pile of gold. How is that motivating at all for anyone to hunt all of the chests? Possessed weapons were a cool idea, but completely useless at low levels. Buying purple upgrades from a merchant was a lot more rewarding than feeding all of your sellable items to a level 4 possessed scythe.

4. Skill trees simply don't matter at all. All of your skills are so weak and unimportant, I didn't even care about any of them. The ghouls looked cool, until you summon then and they run around screaming for three seconds and then disappear. Three seconds, wow. What a skilled necromancer Death is. Diablo 2 got necromancers totally right.. this game was a huge turd in that respect. Also, ghouls do five damage per hit. Five damage. One swing of my heavy weapon at level one does more damage than all of the maxed out ghoul skills combined. Horrible damage, horrible duration. Just another thing I found myself being disappointed with and ultimately not caring much about during the game.

5. Does Darksiders 2 take place in Ireland? What is up with the recurring Bagpipe Greatest Hits Medley during every fight? I found myself enjoying the ominous quest music, then all of a sudden a couple of enemies pop up from the ground and BOOOOOM BAGPIPE EXPLOSION!! Seriously, did the developers automatically assume that cramming a bunch of loud bagpipes into every other fight would convey a sense of mystical and unearthly combat?

6. This game's explorable areas are even more linear than DS1, which was tolerable because of the beautiful apocalyptic world that you were totally immersed into. Now we get a bunch of volcanic looking stone roads, gray colored everything and all of it tightly compacted into feeling like I am just running down a hallway the whole game. Terrible.

To be continued.

User Info: jburn123

3 years ago#2
6. Continued from above. The few large open areas are almost completely devoid of enemies. How exciting to ride Despair around an empty world.

7. NPCs. All of the NPCs are basically recycled from the first Darksiders. Just a bunch of oversized Irish dwarves with big hammers that all sound exactly like Ulthane from DS1. They did include a couple of giant female Irish dwarves, but who really cares. Considering all of the story elements about the war between good and evil, why in the world are there even these Ulthane clones in the story at all? They are called the "Old Ones" but nothing about them indicates that they are old, ancient or mystical. Just a bunch of guys sitting in town the whole game. Super boring!! At least the constructs you fight seemed old and ancient.

8. The old stone guy sitting in the bushes in the Fjords that makes you collect a hundred small hidden stones. Just lol man. Didn't care.

9. Wall jumping. Death is only able to wall jump/climb/traverse in extremely limited places. He can't even grab onto ledges that are shorter than himself, or pull himself up to ledges that are barely taller than himself. This completely shuts down any feeling of exploration and spontaneous fun. Just bad, man.

10. More loot system stuff. Death gets heavy weapons in this game; a hammer, a glaive, a mace or an axe, some claws, etc. But all of it is really boring and repetitive. At least in DS1 you could level up the Chaos Eater sword and imbue it with unique glows and powers/abilities. I found myself not caring about Death's loot very much, just pick up stuff from the ground and equip it if the stats were better than the last junk I picked up off the floor. Nothing inspiring about it. Also, why are we using gold coins in this game? What happened to using souls like in DS1? At least the grind for souls in the last game was rewarded with weapon level ups. Now we just pick up little piles of yellow gold coins, which are called Gilt. Lol.. this just solidifies the cookie-cutter laziness that the developers decided to go with. Instead of fresh ideas and making a great game, it was all just sub-standard generic RPG fare.

11. The horse. I didn't care about him at all, could hardly ever use him due to area restrictions.

12. Health potions and wrath potions are just thrown at you all day long. At least in DS1 you had to collect empty jars that made you value your previous health potions. In this game you can just go sell a crappy item that fell off a level one enemy and go buy a potion. Where is the sense of danger? Just another reason to yawn.

13. Overall, this game feels like an attempt to milk fans of the original Darksiders for their money, instead of creating an actual sequel to the epic story of DS1. There was none of the epic feels here, no sense of danger, no likeable characters, you don't even like or care about Death very much. He's just a scrawny skeletor look-alike that has the stupid one shoulder armor plate.

Anyway that's my rant, thanks for reading.

User Info: darkness1018

3 years ago#3
I found this game to be much better then the first Darksider which I didn't even want to finish. I loved everything here from the dungeons, bosses, areas, death & if course the VA.
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User Info: FantasyKing1

3 years ago#4
How far did you actually get into the game, because almost all of these are solved at some point
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  3. I really wanted to like this game. (Possible spoilers)
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